Monday, January 14, 2008


Kevin and I had a great time in Cabo with Steve and Joyce (Kevin's parents). We left Hannah and Gavin with with my mom. We were thankful for her watching our kids just about every minute of the whole week.
We stayed at a really nice hotel. When you walked into the hotel there was a beautiful view of the Sea of Cortez. But the best part of the hotel was the pool. We spent most of our time in or around the pool. It was pretty cool because it is an infinity pool that looked out over the ocean. You could float on your back and see nothing but water until you hit the horizon.

We went to the city of San Lucas one night. We ate at Senor Sweets. It was so yummy. Kevin got a nutella shake that he LOVED! It was the best food we ate all week except for the stuff we made ourselves. You just can't eat in Mexico without a little reservation or fear of getting sick.

Kevin really wanted to go golfing, but it was high season (aka REALLY expensive) so he settled for the second thing he wanted to do... Deep Sea Fishing! We had to be at the boat by 6:30am. We rode the boat all the way out to the Pacific Ocean. Courtney got the honor of catching the first fish.

Joyce caught the second fish. It was a bit gruesome with all the blood everywhere.

Everyone did well not getting sea sick except for Courtney. She spent the eight hours either in the bathroom or sleeping. She was soooo sick.
Kevin partially reeled in two different Marlins, but they both managed to escape with a free meal. After 8 hours being out on the sea, we went back with only two Dorados.

We ate at Hangman's three times. It is a local restaurant and a bit scary at first, but when in Rome! It was the cheapest meal in town. The best was the Carne Asada and the freshly made tortillas. Mmmmm, tortillas... They would probably get a C or even a D by American standards. But we survived without getting sick!

We enjoyed our time in Mexico together. When we went through customs, the customs officer asked if we were coming home from our honeymoon. We said, "no." Then he asked if we just got married, we repiled, "no, we have just been on a vacation for a week without the kids!" It was wonderful to fall back in love with each other. It made us realize how hard the other person works to keep our family running. We were sad to leave, but we were really happy to see the kids.

Kevin's Fourth Best Day!

Kevin had the fourth best day of his life when he went to Trump National Golf Course. The golf course imports sand from Indonesia for the sand pits. CRAZY!!! Apparently, the top three best days of his life were marrying his lovely wife, and the birth of his two beautiful children (I'm not biased).