Thursday, March 19, 2009

Family Update Part III (Disneyland)

One of the best parts of Disneyland...Pineapple Dole Floats and the Tiki Room.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Family Update Part II (Knott's Berry Farm)

I just finished my online class!!! Yea!!! I want to celebrate, but what can I do at 10:00 on Sunday night... I celebrated by cleaning the kitchen. It's hard to do house work when you have school work. So I am enjoying my clean kitchen while blogging.

My brother, Michael (#2 in the fam) took the train up from San Diego. The next day we met my family at Knott's Berry Farm for our birthday. We used to go to Knott's every year the day before school started because NO ONE was there. The lines were short, and that's a wonderful thing for a theme park. We have the funnies memories at that place.
We were on the Ferris Wheel in Camp Snoopy one year. My brothers and I decided to try to spit on my dad who was below us. We kept trying, but the wind would blow our spit away.... SPLAT!! Finally, Grayson landed a nice loogie on my Dad's neck. I still remember his face. He patted his neck with his hand, looked at it, patted it again, looked at it again, and then.... realized that we spit on him. We were busted. No more rides for us. But I'll never regret it because I'm still laughing about it at 27.

I love my husband because he takes pictures of the picture of us on the ride... We never buy them.We went on the stage coach ride. Hannah and Gavin loved it. My mom droped her camera case, so we had to stop and the driver had to pick it up.It happened to be Mighty Ducks day at Knott's so Kevin was happy to see some of his favorite players.While he was away (with the camera) Hannah and I panned for gold. $7 to fulfull my childhood memory with Hannah. When she had her gold in the vile, she triped and fell.... shattering her vile of gold. She was devistated. Luckily, Miner Gary hooked her up with a new one full of a bunch of gold.

The best part, of course, was watching Hannah and Gavin love it!
I wish you could hear them laugh!

This one is awesome...

We finished the night off with funnel cake. I got powdered sugar and boysenberry sauce. You have to get boysenberry sauce at Knott's. Boysenberries were invented and Knott's Berry Farm! SO GOOD and SO BAD! Because I'm Courtney I had to estimate how many calories are in 1 funnel cake... 760 calories, that's not including the sugar and sauce. I would estimate a good 1,000 calories for the whole thing. And 68% of your fat intake... ouch!
Next stop... the train ride. Complete with the train robbers. Some things never change...
*Hannah and Kairistiona on the train
It was a great day. It's nice to have so much help with the kids. Thank you Mom and Dad for taking the family to Knott's and buying $60 of funnel cakes!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Family Update Part I

I didn't quit! I've been busy. I do have a lot of updating to do.
Hannah had U.S.A. Day at preschool. It was so funny. Everyone wore red, white, and blue. They made streamers and other stuff and then had a parade. Who ever heard of U.S.A. Day? Hannah does know her pledge of allegiance, it's so cute when she says it. She follows up with her patriotic song. FYI: I had to fight off the parent paparazzi to get this picture... or was I just part of the parent paparazzi... whatever, I almost knocked over a lady... oops!

The other big event in our family... We got new Disneyland Passes! The kids were so excited to go back to Disneyland. Hannah was thrilled to get her own pass. Look how happy she is!!!
(notice her new booster seat? She feels so grown up to be out of a "baby" carseat)

We went to Disneyland with the Banks' and met up with Aaron and Rachel later. A 6:2 adult:child ratio is realllllly nice.
Gavin always has a great time with Aaron...
Gavin went on the Matterhorn!
The Matterhorn is one of Hannah's favorite rides. She feels so grown up.Coming up... Family Update Part II

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Courtney Quit!

edit: In order to get the most out of this entry, click the links. It's better that way.

She did it! She quit blogging. I think she finally found a life. Not to be mean, but come on. Now that she's focused on school, working...a little, and taking care of me, Hannah and Gavin, she's not able to blog. (Tears now flowing?)

I know, I know, how are you all going to live without knowing what happened to Hannah at school today, or what crazy recipe she tried on us. Fear not though obsessed bloggers, she'll be back....eventually. In the mean time life will go on. It's almost the summer, go outside and enjoy yourself, get off the computer. Let's all lose that 10lbs we've been holding on to all winter. We're trying.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Polo Reunion

My friends Jocelyn and Kristin organized a little reunion dinner for our old teammates. A lot of my old teammates are scattered around the globe, but it was a lot of fun to get together and tell funny Jovan stories. I couldn't believe how much some people grew up... Alana is in law school. Last time I saw her she was a little freshman.
Jocelyn Barbour, Sarah Smith, Kristen Dedmon, Shelli Linza, Alana Srour, and ME!