Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Courtney Quit!

edit: In order to get the most out of this entry, click the links. It's better that way.

She did it! She quit blogging. I think she finally found a life. Not to be mean, but come on. Now that she's focused on school, working...a little, and taking care of me, Hannah and Gavin, she's not able to blog. (Tears now flowing?)

I know, I know, how are you all going to live without knowing what happened to Hannah at school today, or what crazy recipe she tried on us. Fear not though obsessed bloggers, she'll be back....eventually. In the mean time life will go on. It's almost the summer, go outside and enjoy yourself, get off the computer. Let's all lose that 10lbs we've been holding on to all winter. We're trying.



The Peterson's said...

So the first words I clicked on was "get off your computer", that was kinda traumatic! I was really nervous after that to click on any other word!! :)

Kristina said...

the best pic by far is the one of the creepy dude with his computer and his macbook