Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Hannah and Gavin like to sleep together. They go to sleep and are so good, so I don't mind. I walked into Hannah's room last night, to figure out what she was going to wear today (he's got lots of pink, but not a lot of green) and saw this!
This is why I don't like sleeping with them in my bed.

I made Hannah a "green" lunch. The color green, trust me, I use a lot of zip lock bags. I made her a quick green flower bow too. I just didn't want her to get pinched.
Next year I'll make green bread too. The green cookies were all I could do this year.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grayson & Jayde's Wedding

When I was 6 or 7 years old I pushed my little brother down, he was 3 or 4 at the time. As I saw his little chubby hand on the ground, holding himself up, and I felt HORRIBLE. Ever since then I always had a special place in my heart for Grayson. I saw him as my baby brother and I wanted to take care of him. When he was 12 or so he was so "adorkable" a little akward as boys are at that age. I smuggled him into church dances at 13 and he slow danced with all my friends who were older and a head taller than he was. He loved dancing with them. He danced with the hottest older girls. I think it was a huge confidence boost when all his friends were jealous. Grayson has always been my baby brother.
As I sat across from him at the restaurant I got a little teary eyed. He had just gone through the temple with his bride-to-be a week before the wedding. (I couldn't go because I had a prior commitment with a cute little 3 month old, I joined them for dinner). Grayson looked so grown up. My baby brother looked like a real man. I'm sure this is a fraction of what a mother feels as she sees her children grow. I know.... so cheesy

This past weekend the wedding festivities began at the Old Spaghetti Factory the night before the wedding. Sisters!!!
*Courtney, Jayde, & Kairistiona
Luke grabbed his toy and started eating it for the first time at dinner!Grayson and Jayde were married at the Newport Beach Temple the next day.
Mr. & Mrs. Lee!! I love her dress!
Michael, Grayson, & Kevin
The new Fami-Lee
This is such a cute picture with all the little kids.
My parents hosted a luncheon at Jayde's aunt's house. My mom made over 100 individual carrot cakes and her best friend, Carrie, decorated them. So cute!Saturday night was their reception in Bakersfield. Which brings me to the biggest reason why I haven't been blogging....

I have spent every spare moment of my life making two pink, sparkly dresses. My house has been covered in glitter. Kevin was such a good sport, he only complained once about going to work covered in pink glitter. The pediatrician and the babysitters at the gym have commented on my glittered baby... poor Luke.
The little boys dressed as "Newsies" I just love those hats!
We had a great time that night. We are so excited that Jayde is in our family now! She fits in so well.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Our February

It has been too long, but I have several good excuses.
January was a quiet month, I finally started to feel like I was getting back into a good routine. I had adjusted to having a new little baby. My house started to get cleaner, I was getting the laundry done!!!
Hannah got into Junior Kindergarten the beginning of February. She goes to school Monday-Friday, from 8:15am-2:32pm. We leave the house at 7:45 so we have plenty of time to get to school and she can play for ten minutes before the bell rings. She brings her lunch to school and has a backpack and everything.
Hannah had "Crazy Day" at school. She wore a crazy outfit. When I dropped her off I didn't see any kids in crazy outfits, I started to panic. I dropped her off and ran into the office to ask. I didn't want to scar her for life by making her dress this way for no reason. Thank goodness it was "Crazy Day." When I walked out I started to notice other kids, but none of them had Hannah's school spirit!I enrolled Gavin back into Tiny Tots through the Parks and Rec program. He loves it. He goes Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-2:00. Tuesday and Thursday mornings are quite busy at our house. They love school and I love both of them in school. It's crazy to think I have 2 kids in school. I get so giddy sometimes on Tuesday and Thursday. Just one baby, it's soooo easy! I like to do my running around during this time and I have even gone out to lunch a few times with old friends.

Palm Springs:
My parents took us all to Palm Springs the first weekend in February for my birthday. It was a fun trip! We took the Palm Springs Aerial Tram up to the snow. It was amazing! In ten minutes we went from the desert to the tops of the snowy mountains. The ride was beautiful and pretty exciting. Every time you switch to a new line the tram sways and you are suspended in air for a moment.
It was a 10 minute walk from the lodge to a suitable place to play in the snow. Hannah and my Dad had a blast. The first thing Hannah did was throw her bundled little body on the snow and made a snow angel. Poor Gavin was freezing and miserable. He didn't last long. Luke was bundled in his infant carrier. Luke fell asleep in the car on the way to the tram and slept the whole way up the tram, down the path, playing in the snow, walking up the path, down the tram in the car and didn't wake up until we were in the restaurant eating lunch!

We had fun swimming in the 85 degree pool and I won the Scrabble Tournament that night! Kevin taught Gavin how to play ping-pong. He was able to hit the ball a few times. It was so nice to spend some time with my family and so nice to spend some time with my husband alone! My mom watched Luke a few times so we could go for a walk or sit in the hot tub.

I can't wait to go back this summer and try out the Lazy River (hint hint.... mom)

Valentine's Day:
Kevin and I like to celebrate Valentine's Day a few days earlier. Since my mom was visiting (more on that later) Kevin and I went out to dinner to a fancy restaurant. I left Luke with my mom! When we returned home, our toilet was leaking water. It turned out we had a clogged line. Our first problem with our house. The next morning the plumber came and $125 later we can use our plumbing again. It turned out to be baby wipes. I love my children!

I have always wanted to do a triathlon, but I never had a bike. Kevin bought me a bike for my birthday! I enjoy riding it, but I am very uncomfortable riding it on the street with cars. The bike path along the riverbed is just fine for me. We signed up for our first tri! We are doing a short one in June in Redondo Beach and a longer one in September in Malibu. I'm excited!