Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Hannah and Gavin like to sleep together. They go to sleep and are so good, so I don't mind. I walked into Hannah's room last night, to figure out what she was going to wear today (he's got lots of pink, but not a lot of green) and saw this!
This is why I don't like sleeping with them in my bed.

I made Hannah a "green" lunch. The color green, trust me, I use a lot of zip lock bags. I made her a quick green flower bow too. I just didn't want her to get pinched.
Next year I'll make green bread too. The green cookies were all I could do this year.


Melissa said...

Your such a good mom! Your my role model. Your kids are too cute. Michael and I used to the same thing. I was afraid of the dark. :-)

Anie said...

That top pic is hilarious!!!! And what a fun St. Patty's Day lunch. Madi had to settle for green jello and a green smoothie (key ingredient- spinach)!!!

heather said...

their sleeping arrangement is so cute! and you're a good mom for making little things (like st. patrick's day) special. my mom once told me, "if it weren't for mothers, there'd be no holidays." it's so true. they'll remember it too.