Monday, February 16, 2009

Karalla Jones & Captain Steve

Kevin and I have been talking about getting a dog since we were dating and wanted to have a little girl named Hannah. Last Wednesday night we headed over to the animal shelter in Downey. We got there at 6:45 and it closed at 7:00, and we found a cute little dog. The kids and I went to adopt her the next day, we got her! We picked her up later that day with Kevin. She was so sedated because she was spayed right before we got her.
We have really enjoyed getting to know our new family member. She is a sweet playful dog. She likes to sleep on Hannah's bed. I love hearing Gavin talk to her.We took her on our trip to San Diego. I have to admit it was a lot of work. I think she had a good time. We stayed on Steve and Kaitlin's boat. Hannah and Gavin were excited to see Captain Steve.We went on a Valentine's evening harbor cruise. We enjoyed the sunset, the seals, ohh... and the giant dead whale...Our harbor cruise was cut short when the swells started getting bigger. We were prepared with life jackets for the kids...
and Karalla... she is too cute in her life jacket.
The boys went fishing before we went to dinner. Hannah and Gavin loved it.
Before our romantic dinner at Souplantation, we let the kids and the puppy get their wiggles out. They were running all over the place. They love their puppy.
Kevin surprised be with a boquet of PINK tulips (very important that they are pink) while I gorged on Souplantation's blueberry muffins with Kaitlin.

Sunday we went to Cabrillo National Monument. Cabrillo was hired by the Spanish in the 1500's to explore the coast of California.

The view was incredible from Point Loma.
Kevin loves his dog.
We always have so much fun with Steve and Kaitlin, they tollerate our kids so well too.
Hannah, Gavin, and Karalla liked the hike down to the tide pools.
The tidepools weren't that great. I guess we are spoiled with the Aquarium of the Pacific.
We met Michael (my brother) for dinner at the restaurant he works at. It was nice to get great service, a discount, free dessert, and someone to order our food for us. The messy sundae... was indeed messy. Hannah and Gavin loved it. I was grateful becuase Michael totally supervised Gavin and cleaned him up. He was a mess.We had a great weekend, but we are happy to be home in our own beds again.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Familee Girl Night

I took advantage of an out-of-town husband and a daughter without school and went to my family's house. My goal was to do something fun with my mom. I've been dying to go to "Color Me Mine." For those of you who don't know what that is... "Color Me Mine" is a pottery painting studio. You pick out the piece, paint it, and the store glazes it and cooks it. You pick it up about a week later.
Hannah picked a Princess piggy bank. As much as a tried to get her to pick something cheaper, she wouldn't budge. She knew what she wanted.
After 30 coats of paint the princess was dripping. Notice the big pool of paint at the foot of the princess. Luckily, my brother's friend worked at the store and washed off all the paint when Hannah wasn't looking. I'll finish it another time... it just looked awful.
My mom had a lot of fun too. It was good to see her happy with all her girls, minus Lauren. We couldn't get a hold of her to come with us. We are going to do it again in August, hopefully she will be able to make that one.
I had to add this... Why is my little sister driving?!?!?! Scary... I can't believe she is old enough to drive. Being the oldest in my family I've got to witness a lot of firsts... This one shocked me the most.
I made a big bowl. I didn't have enough time to finish it for obvious Princess reasons. I plan to go all by myself and finish it here in Long Beach. While I'm at it, I'll finish the princess too. Good thing Hannah believes in magic.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My wife is awesome. She lets me play hockey, sleep in, makes amazing food, is a great mommy, does all my laundry perfectly, and the list goes on and on. Get this, she's also super hot!!!

I love you baby!