Monday, February 27, 2012

Toronto Trip

After Christmas we took a family road trip to Toronto. Trying to capitalize living in a new region. So many new places to explore!
We froze in Niagara Falls, but the kids loved seeing the waterfall. Niagara never gets old, I love it there.

The next day we arrived in Toronto. We went to the CN Tower
It was pretty cloudy so we could only see the city. I'd love to see the view when it's clear. I guess it's one of the tallest buildings in the world.

We went to every Canadian Tire from the boarder to Toronto. The kids (all 4) had a great time hockey shopping.The Hockey Hall of Fame was awesome. The kids had fun playing all the games on the lower level while Kevin drooled over all the hockey paraphernalia.
We dragged our kids all over the place. They were such troopers.
Poor Gavin. He complained that his heels were wet. I thought it was odd so I ignored him (Mother of the Year). Turns out he had worn a hole in the heel of his shoe and all the freezing water had soaked his feet. We were so far away from the car and Gavin's feet were frozen and wet we decided to take the subway back to the car after buying him some new socks.
Did you know that the Toronto subway only accepts cash... Canadian cash? Yes, we did not have any Canadian money and poor Gavin's feet could not make the walk all the way back to the car. We bit the bullet and jumped on the subway. An adventure.
Here is Gavin with all the goalie equipment on. We found the Mecca of all Hockey stores somewhere outside of Brampton and Gavin was so stoked to find goalie equipment his size. He stood in front of the mirror playing for a good 45 minutes. That kid cracks me up.