Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nemm Nemmz

David is more than our apartment manager, he's our friend, marriage therapist, and most of all, our chocolate fix person. He has a candy jar full of peanut M&M's in his office.
When we get home from the gym, my kids run to David's office for some "nemm nemmz" (Gavin). Hannah and Gavin usually clean him out in no time, so days go by when he hasn't had a chance to refill his candy machine. We still love to go and have a quick chat everyday, with or without M&M's.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

How "Clean" is Clean?

I'm in school... taking Microbiology. It has been one eye opening experience to this world we live in. At my first class we grew cultures of the bacteria on our hands, really gross.

Every Tuesday and Thursday night I play with Staphylococcus, E. Coli, and all kind of other little bugs. Tonight topped it all!!!

We tested house hold cleaning supplies on bacteria.
The results.... STARTLING!

What are your usual cleaning supplies??? Lysol, cleanser, bleach??? Well, all of your cleaning has been a waste of time.

My generic brand of clorox cleanup did ok in the experiment... but hydrogen peroxide rocked the charts!!! Do you see the big "clear circle"??? that's good!

I am going to start cleaning with watered down hydrogen peroxide!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hannah & Gavin's World

What do you do when it's really past bedtime, but your kids are being so cute? Hannah and Gavin were watching Elmo's World in Hannah's bed. They were being so nice to each other. So we decided to let them be... Hopefully, they will sleep in tomorrow and our gamble will pay off!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Apples to Apples

Who can believe it's September? Even though it is still pretty hot, I can tell that summer is dying. The days are getting shorter and the pools are getting colder.
Hannah started pre-school last week. She was so excited to go, she talked about it ALL summer long.
Last Wednesday, Kevin let me sleep in a bit. I got a phone call at 9:30, it was her pre-school asking if Hannah was going to attend this year. She was in her class at 9:45! Go MOM!!! She was so excited when I ran out of my room and asked her if she wanted to go to school. She jumped up and ran to her room to get dressed. In our haste, I didn't get a picture of her on her first day of school.

I enjoy her stories when I pick her up. About her boyfriend Jake, and her new best friend Zoe! "Zoe has gold hair like me!"
My fridge is cluttered again with her sweet art work. Those pre-school teachers are so creative!This past Wednesday I decided to have a Mommy & Gavin date. After we dropped Hannah off we went to Jamba Juice. My kids love Jamba Juice. We drove to the Long Beach Airport and watched the airplanes for 1 HOUR!!! Not because I wanted to, but because Gavin LOVES airplanes. He didn't want to leave! The police helicopter landed right in front of us... I have never seen Gavin so excited!When Hannah saw the remnants of Jamba Juice she was quite offended she wasn't invited to go on the date. Stupid me.. I should have concealed all the evidence of my fun with Gavin. It's so nice to have just one kid.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Guitar Hero

We have been talking for over 6 months how we have to hang out with the Ruekerts. Finally the stars aligned... we made it to their house to watch the USC game... GO TROJANS!!!!
It was awesome, although it was our first time hanging out besides Pfizer events, I felt like we have been friends for our whole life!
The boys played Guitar Hero...Gavin rocked out too...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday AAARRROOOONNN!!!!

Uncle Aaron turned 26!!!! We celebrated by working out, then going out to Claim Jumper. Good thing we went to the gym before hand, because we sure enjoyed ourselves. Gavin is such a little man... He loves meat.We had a fun party... finishing up with another I D'Elaire. mmm...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Disneyland Blitz II

Wednesday we went to Disneyland with the Flinders. Thanks to super uncle Aaron, Allison got a free ticket. Shout out to super cool uncle Waawon!!!
Sam was a bit freaked out of all the rides. Once he saw Hannah and Gavin having fun he decided it was ok to have fun too! He liked the giant ferris wheel in California Adventure!The carousel...
Now, we seem to go on Pirates of the Caribbean every time we are at Disneyland. My kids just love it. Gavin loves "ho ho's." That's what he calls pirates, because of the song... yo ho yo ho...
He even calls pirate booty... ho ho dee (pirate candy).I'm so cool because I let my kids play with all the toys in the stores... but I'm not cool enough to buy the ridiculously priced pirate bandanna. Notice Hannah's keys??? Disney thinks of EVERYTHING!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Disneyland Blitz

In the past two weeks we have been to Disneyland 4 times! We are trying to make up for lost time since we couldn't go ALL summer long! Our first trip back was with Aunt Rachel, then with Mamo J. We spent Labor Day there as well with our friends, Steve and Kaitlin. Hannah and I went on the bumper cars. They were soooo slow! We still had a good time. She loved driving the car.Steve and Kaitlin took Hannah and Gavin so Kevin and I could ride the roller coaster. We got a "family pass" so they could go on after us, but they were so nice, they gave us their pass so we got to go on it twice. They had a good time with the kids exploring the caves!After California Adventure we spent the rest of the day at Disneyland. Hannah met the Fairy Godmother!I have to say, the best part of having Disneyland passes, is the ability to just hang out. We aren't ever rushed to get to the next ride, we can just play in the water if we want.We watched the parade, we made friends with an employee and she let us sit in the reserved section!!! Lucky us! It was a little crazy at times!

Hannah could hardly stand it!!! All the princesses right before her eyes. She shouted, I mean, SHOUTED, "HI!!!! HI!!!!" they would wave at her. It made her day. Then Cinderella waved and blew a kiss at her. Pure Disney Magic!
Gavin went on some "beh boy rie" (big boy rides) He loved the kiddie roller coaster. So did I!!!
He also went on the Matterhorn. Such a little stud! Our day was so much fun!
It's nice that they are growing up, life just keeps getting easier!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Evolution of Man

What is this little man doing? Like father like son.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Kevin turned 27 on Friday!!! We have had a pretty crazy weekend with Marilyn (Kevin's Aunt) getting married. I felt badly his birthday was over shadowed, but we were all so excited for Marilyn.
Kevin did have a pretty awesome week. He went deep sea fishing on Wednesday with his dad, then he got to spend all day Thursday with his dad and us. We went to Knott's Berry Farm Soak City. The kids LOVED it!
Friday night we had dinner with Marilyn's new family! We ate a lot of meat at some Brazilian restaurant. Gavin LOVED it! He got to sit by his daddy and his uncle "Wawon" (Aaron).The best part for Kevin was I let him grow a mini mustache. It was a token of acceptance for Marlon, Kevin's new uncle. Thank goodness he shaved for the wedding... I am NOT a fan of facial hair on my husband.I think the best part of Kevin's birthday weekend was the fact he got to drive a Bentley Continental GT. This car is worth more money than Kevin has made in his whole lifetime.
The car belongs to our old bishop, who we adore! Marilyn had her reception at their house. I can't believe he let Kevin drive it. There were quite a few expletives said as he drove this amazing car. You could definitely feel the G force when you accelerated. It was nice... I wouldn't mind having one myself. I'm sure the monthly payments are more than what we pay for rent!Happy Birthday Kevin!!! I hope you had a great birthday weekend!