Friday, September 5, 2008

Disneyland Blitz

In the past two weeks we have been to Disneyland 4 times! We are trying to make up for lost time since we couldn't go ALL summer long! Our first trip back was with Aunt Rachel, then with Mamo J. We spent Labor Day there as well with our friends, Steve and Kaitlin. Hannah and I went on the bumper cars. They were soooo slow! We still had a good time. She loved driving the car.Steve and Kaitlin took Hannah and Gavin so Kevin and I could ride the roller coaster. We got a "family pass" so they could go on after us, but they were so nice, they gave us their pass so we got to go on it twice. They had a good time with the kids exploring the caves!After California Adventure we spent the rest of the day at Disneyland. Hannah met the Fairy Godmother!I have to say, the best part of having Disneyland passes, is the ability to just hang out. We aren't ever rushed to get to the next ride, we can just play in the water if we want.We watched the parade, we made friends with an employee and she let us sit in the reserved section!!! Lucky us! It was a little crazy at times!

Hannah could hardly stand it!!! All the princesses right before her eyes. She shouted, I mean, SHOUTED, "HI!!!! HI!!!!" they would wave at her. It made her day. Then Cinderella waved and blew a kiss at her. Pure Disney Magic!
Gavin went on some "beh boy rie" (big boy rides) He loved the kiddie roller coaster. So did I!!!
He also went on the Matterhorn. Such a little stud! Our day was so much fun!
It's nice that they are growing up, life just keeps getting easier!


Beth said...

I love Disneyland!! We are going tonight.

The Rex Family said...

Our passes expired and i am SO sad! Hannah must have been in princess heaven!

Beth said...

I forgot to mention...I loved all the pictures! Little kids at Disneyland (when they aren't crying) are the best...I love the picture of Cinderella blowing Hannah a kiss.

Brian & Lynds said...

I remember our days at Disneyland... dragging our hands along the bottom of "It's a Small World" to get money to but "frings" at the Monorail Cafe. :) Is that place even there anymore?? Oh, and switching cars while riding on the People Mover!! Wow, we spent a lot of time there up to no good.