Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Kevin turned 27 on Friday!!! We have had a pretty crazy weekend with Marilyn (Kevin's Aunt) getting married. I felt badly his birthday was over shadowed, but we were all so excited for Marilyn.
Kevin did have a pretty awesome week. He went deep sea fishing on Wednesday with his dad, then he got to spend all day Thursday with his dad and us. We went to Knott's Berry Farm Soak City. The kids LOVED it!
Friday night we had dinner with Marilyn's new family! We ate a lot of meat at some Brazilian restaurant. Gavin LOVED it! He got to sit by his daddy and his uncle "Wawon" (Aaron).The best part for Kevin was I let him grow a mini mustache. It was a token of acceptance for Marlon, Kevin's new uncle. Thank goodness he shaved for the wedding... I am NOT a fan of facial hair on my husband.I think the best part of Kevin's birthday weekend was the fact he got to drive a Bentley Continental GT. This car is worth more money than Kevin has made in his whole lifetime.
The car belongs to our old bishop, who we adore! Marilyn had her reception at their house. I can't believe he let Kevin drive it. There were quite a few expletives said as he drove this amazing car. You could definitely feel the G force when you accelerated. It was nice... I wouldn't mind having one myself. I'm sure the monthly payments are more than what we pay for rent!Happy Birthday Kevin!!! I hope you had a great birthday weekend!

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Anie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN!!!! Glad to hear that your birthday weekend was such a PARTY!!!!