Thursday, September 25, 2008

How "Clean" is Clean?

I'm in school... taking Microbiology. It has been one eye opening experience to this world we live in. At my first class we grew cultures of the bacteria on our hands, really gross.

Every Tuesday and Thursday night I play with Staphylococcus, E. Coli, and all kind of other little bugs. Tonight topped it all!!!

We tested house hold cleaning supplies on bacteria.
The results.... STARTLING!

What are your usual cleaning supplies??? Lysol, cleanser, bleach??? Well, all of your cleaning has been a waste of time.

My generic brand of clorox cleanup did ok in the experiment... but hydrogen peroxide rocked the charts!!! Do you see the big "clear circle"??? that's good!

I am going to start cleaning with watered down hydrogen peroxide!


The Rex Family said...

Very interesting... I use watered down bleach a lot... I think I will give hydrogen peroxide a try! Glenns grandma uses that to clean too!

ash and jay said...

Thanks for the great info.....I use bleach too, but I definitely will give it a shot.

Kristina said...

i JUST did this lab today at school! how ironic

Anie said...

You got me interested!!!!! So.... hydrogen peroxide huh!?!? Really??? I thought it was just for cleaning cuts and scraps, and stuff. I really can water it down and use it on my counters, sinks, and toilets?? What other cleaning supplies did you test?? What about 409, Comet, Tilex, and Windex??? These are the regular cleaning supplies I use! I bet you've got a nice sparkly clean house now!!!!!

Beth said...

What about Windex? That is my all time favorite.

The Good Life said...

what ratio do you use? 3/1? Thanks for the tip...that's nasty!