Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Doggies

When Kevin and I were married we temporarily adopted Duke, his parent's chihuahua. Duke was a really good dog, but we had to give him back when we moved to a different apartment. I've always know that we would have a dog in our house. Kevin loves dogs. We adopted Keralla from the pound in February and had to find her a new home because we couldn't take care of her at our last apartment. It was pretty devasting for Hannah.
When we moved into our house last month, the first thing we did was go to the pound and adopt Emma (Hannah named her). Emma has been a wonderful dog and is so good with Hannah and Gavin.Kevin has wanted a Weimaraner for a long time. We saw one while we were beach camping and it really made him want one more. Being Kevin, he got on the internet and found a Weimaraner puppy that he really, really wanted. I hesitantly agreed to join him to see the dog. I fell in love at first sight. Seeing Kevin so happy, I couldn't say no. The whole way home we tried to figure out what to call our new puppy. I wanted something German since it is a German breed. I don't know how, but we settled on Deiter. Some other contenders were Hans, Cyrus, and Dodger.
Kevin was taking a nap with both dogs today. I wanted to sneak a picture, but the dogs woke up and started jumping on Kevin.
Kevin tried to escape, but Deiter followed (sorry about the construction mess in the background, we are mid bathroom remodel)Deiter is completely attatched to Kevin
Now I have a house, two dogs, two kids, and a baby on the way. I'm feeling like my life is a little crazy.

Beach Camping

Beach Camping at El Capitan has been a Jones family tradition since Kevin's dad was a little boy. It is a tradition I want to carry on in my family. I love seeing Kevin share his childhood memories with Hannah and Gavin. I just hope when my kids are older they aren't making out with other kids under the lifeguard tower like their daddy did.
We went with Kim, Jim, Jeremy, Melissa, and Michael (Kevin's aunt and her family). We always have the best time with the Dicatos.
It was a bit of a challenge to keep Hannah's foot clean since she had stitches. I bought her some cheap rainboots and along with a band-aid, tape, and a sock, her cut stayed pretty clean.
Gavin pounding about 10 marshmallows at once...
The monkey tree... Hannah and Gavin must have spent hours playing in this tree. They got a few scrapes, but it didn't seem to stop them from climbing it again.
Wanting to play with fire... Just like his Daddy...
Roasting hotdogs for dinner. We even cooked our baked beans in a pot over the fire... it doesn't get more camping than that!I can't wait to go next year!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Orange County Fair

Last weekend we went to the Orange County Fair with Kevin's family. We had a great time! Hannah sat on Grandpa's lap most of the day and got pushed around in the wheelchair. I think Grandpa was the oldest person at the fair that day.After lunch we headed for the kiddy rides. Hannah wanted to go on the dragon ride. Gavin went along, it took a couple of trips around the track for him to feel comfortable. I think he was scared, but didn't want anyone to know because we were all looking at him.Gavin LOVED the airplane ride...
Marilyn went on the hot air balloon ride with the kids. Hannah had it spinning so fast! I think she's been on the teacup ride too many times at Disneyland.
This was my 10th trip to the fair with Kevin's family. One of the highlights of the day is seeing the baby piglets. We've seen piglets only a few days old and we've seen a mommy pig in labor, but this day we actually got to see a baby pig be born! That was pretty exciting. Here's Gavin and Grandma looking at the piglets, these ones were about 10 days old.
Marilyn took the kids on the last ride. They rode across the fairgrounds. We had to sprint to the other side to get them. They had to stop the ride so they could get on and off. Oh well...
After the chocolate covered bacon (I just couldn't bring myself to eat it), a deep fried twinkie (couldn't eat that either), and a deep fried s'more it was time to leave the fair. We had a great day and I look forward to going again next year!

Friday, July 17, 2009

First Stitches

As a mom it's important to record your children's firsts. Today, Hannah had her first stitches. She slammed the back door shut and it ripped the skin off on the top of her foot. Luckily, Hannah's doctor was available to do the stitches and there was no nerve damage. Kevin was able to meet us to watch Gavin.
Hannah was so brave, she didn't even cry. It was quite painful for her, but she toughed it out and held completely still.
She got an ice cream cone when it was all done.
Poor little thing... 4 stitches

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy 90th Birthday!

Kevin has the most wonderful Grandma ever. We lived with his Grandparents for two years while he finished school and I became pretty close to both of them. We celebrated Grandma's 90th birthday yesterday. I can't believe she is 90! She doesn't seem old enough to be 90. Here are my reasons why;
... most 90 year olds (even younger) start to lose their mind, not Grandma. She is up to date on the stock market, her politics, and even the Lakers (she has to be with Kevin and Aaron as grandsons). Not only is she up to date, she will argue with Kevin over topics such as politics and Kobe Bryant. Grandma HATES Kobe.
... she makes fresh squeezed orange juice every day... and strains the pulp
... doesn't need a cane or any walking assistance, or perhaps she is just too stubborn to use it.
... She gives GOOD advice, we have asked her her opinon on a various range of topics and in the end I always end up saying, "Grandma is always right!"
(Hannah always has to help blow out other people's candles)

I made this icecream cake. My layers aren't perfect, but it tasted RRRRREALLY good. I used to boxes of chocolate cake mix, 1/2 gallon of chocolate chip, 1/2 gallon of mint n' chip, and made chocolate frosting (without creamcheese, for Aaron and Kevin).

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hannah is Growing Up!

Hannah got her ears pierced! She was so excited and I used this event as leverage for days!
I was her age when I got my ears pierced and she has just been dying to get her's. I let her pick out what ever earrings she wanted. Of course she picked out one of the more expensive kinds. They are pick sparkly flowers.
Her face is priceless. She didn't even cry! I told her it was going to be a little pinch and then her ears would get really warm.
Hannah wanted Mamo J to be there.
After her ear piercing we stopped by the makeup counter in Nordstroms. What a perfect day for Hannah! Ears pierced and a makeover!
You can tell she feels SO pretty!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kevin's Porch

"We are the half tan, half olive green dalmatian poke-a-dot house." That is how I described our house to a friend who was coming over as I gave her directions. I didn't process that until after it came out of my mouth. Yes, I live in the half tan, half olive green dalmatian poke-a-dot house.

This is what our house looked like when we bought it.

(Gavin in his pajamas)One night while I was at the gym, Kevin decided to rip the rock off the house. He also put a huge hole in the wall in the laundry room (another post). And... the birth of the olive green dalmatian poke-a-dot house!(Gavin's bedroom window Kevin put in)
This weekend Kevin built a porch fence. I think it looks awesome, he did a really good job. Once again, I am totally impressed with his handyman skills!
I think I need a nice Nag's Head Hammock for the front porch... or just a white rocking chair from Lowe's.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our New House

I thought I should do a few before and after pictures of our home. Kevin has been working very hard on our home to bring it up to our standards.
Our bedroom
Kevin fixed the closet, we painted, changed the electrical outlets, carpeted, and put in new light fixtures.
(I love my light, it looks like a big fat candle)(We need to finish putting the hardware on the closet)
Kevin's office... AKA "The Man Cave"
(Gavin was such a good helper)
The "4th Bedroom" had lovely mauve tile and an orange peel texture on the wall that was just as lovely. Kevin busted that nasty tile out in about 15 minutes. I guess he had some aggression built up and took it out on the floor with an 8lb sledge hammer. To take care of the orange peel texture Gavin and I skimmed the walls with over 100 lbs of "mud." After skimming, we sanded, primed, painted, carpeted, and Kevin put the baseboards up.
(Kevin got lucky because I did not want the TV in the bedroom, every man cave needs a TV)

(All Kevin needs is a big leather chair to complete his man cave, unfortunately for him, I am demanding a dishwasher first)

I should have done a better job of the before pictures, but to be honest I didn't want anyone to see it! My sister-in-law, Rachel, came over and told me to just get my camera and take pictures right now. I did and I am really happy I listened to her because now I have all the ugly before pictures to show when we have our after pics!