Monday, July 27, 2009

Orange County Fair

Last weekend we went to the Orange County Fair with Kevin's family. We had a great time! Hannah sat on Grandpa's lap most of the day and got pushed around in the wheelchair. I think Grandpa was the oldest person at the fair that day.After lunch we headed for the kiddy rides. Hannah wanted to go on the dragon ride. Gavin went along, it took a couple of trips around the track for him to feel comfortable. I think he was scared, but didn't want anyone to know because we were all looking at him.Gavin LOVED the airplane ride...
Marilyn went on the hot air balloon ride with the kids. Hannah had it spinning so fast! I think she's been on the teacup ride too many times at Disneyland.
This was my 10th trip to the fair with Kevin's family. One of the highlights of the day is seeing the baby piglets. We've seen piglets only a few days old and we've seen a mommy pig in labor, but this day we actually got to see a baby pig be born! That was pretty exciting. Here's Gavin and Grandma looking at the piglets, these ones were about 10 days old.
Marilyn took the kids on the last ride. They rode across the fairgrounds. We had to sprint to the other side to get them. They had to stop the ride so they could get on and off. Oh well...
After the chocolate covered bacon (I just couldn't bring myself to eat it), a deep fried twinkie (couldn't eat that either), and a deep fried s'more it was time to leave the fair. We had a great day and I look forward to going again next year!

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The Peterson's said...

I can't wait to go this year! I think we are going on Thursday. But we shall see!!!