Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy 90th Birthday!

Kevin has the most wonderful Grandma ever. We lived with his Grandparents for two years while he finished school and I became pretty close to both of them. We celebrated Grandma's 90th birthday yesterday. I can't believe she is 90! She doesn't seem old enough to be 90. Here are my reasons why;
... most 90 year olds (even younger) start to lose their mind, not Grandma. She is up to date on the stock market, her politics, and even the Lakers (she has to be with Kevin and Aaron as grandsons). Not only is she up to date, she will argue with Kevin over topics such as politics and Kobe Bryant. Grandma HATES Kobe.
... she makes fresh squeezed orange juice every day... and strains the pulp
... doesn't need a cane or any walking assistance, or perhaps she is just too stubborn to use it.
... She gives GOOD advice, we have asked her her opinon on a various range of topics and in the end I always end up saying, "Grandma is always right!"
(Hannah always has to help blow out other people's candles)

I made this icecream cake. My layers aren't perfect, but it tasted RRRRREALLY good. I used to boxes of chocolate cake mix, 1/2 gallon of chocolate chip, 1/2 gallon of mint n' chip, and made chocolate frosting (without creamcheese, for Aaron and Kevin).


The Elms said...

Happy Birthday Gma! That cake looks amazing- I want to make one right now... LOVE Hannah's new earrings, she is so cute, such a princess. So I'm feeling better- thanks for asking! Getting most of my energy back and I feel/look like I'm 5 months already- I'm only 15 weeks! Sort of scared for #2, not going to lie! How are you doing?? Your new house is looking really nice, it's very cute! Congrats!

Anie said...

We LOVE Grandma too! HAPPY 90th BIRTHDAY!! And I must say that cake you made looks DE-LICIOUS!!!! I want some! :)

Oh, and just so you know- I'm getting induced on THURSDAY!! 9am!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY B-DAY G-MAAAAAAAA!! I would have told her this on Sunday, but being a jack mormon and all....I SKIPPED CHURCH!!! LOLOLOL>!!!
Let's go back to that fun swimming place again!!!
I miss u!!

Beth said...

I can't believe she is 90! She looks so good.

And you can make my birthday cake anytime...Ice cream cake!!! Yum!!!