Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Doggies

When Kevin and I were married we temporarily adopted Duke, his parent's chihuahua. Duke was a really good dog, but we had to give him back when we moved to a different apartment. I've always know that we would have a dog in our house. Kevin loves dogs. We adopted Keralla from the pound in February and had to find her a new home because we couldn't take care of her at our last apartment. It was pretty devasting for Hannah.
When we moved into our house last month, the first thing we did was go to the pound and adopt Emma (Hannah named her). Emma has been a wonderful dog and is so good with Hannah and Gavin.Kevin has wanted a Weimaraner for a long time. We saw one while we were beach camping and it really made him want one more. Being Kevin, he got on the internet and found a Weimaraner puppy that he really, really wanted. I hesitantly agreed to join him to see the dog. I fell in love at first sight. Seeing Kevin so happy, I couldn't say no. The whole way home we tried to figure out what to call our new puppy. I wanted something German since it is a German breed. I don't know how, but we settled on Deiter. Some other contenders were Hans, Cyrus, and Dodger.
Kevin was taking a nap with both dogs today. I wanted to sneak a picture, but the dogs woke up and started jumping on Kevin.
Kevin tried to escape, but Deiter followed (sorry about the construction mess in the background, we are mid bathroom remodel)Deiter is completely attatched to Kevin
Now I have a house, two dogs, two kids, and a baby on the way. I'm feeling like my life is a little crazy.


KiMnRoB said...

Deiter looks so snuggly!!! He's SO CUTE!
I love dogs. You can never have too many! (yes you can, when you reach 4 and over, but I suspect you won't be doing that anytime soon? I hope?)
When are you due by the way?

Chelsea said...

That does sound a little busy, but I love dogs!

The Rex Family said...

Good for you! That is way more than I could handle! I feel busy enough taking care of a house and 2 kids! Maybe once Glenn finishes school... by-the-way... kaile still asks about hannah and gavin all the time

Garrett and Leslie Attwood said...

I love dogs! How exciting! We will have to bring our dog over one day and see if they get along!!! Emma might be too little for our gigantic dog though! My dog is friendly, but little dogs get scared of her sometimes!

The Peterson's said...

Ah... We can't wait to have a dog!

Luisa said...

How'd you jump from family of 4 to family of almost 7?? Geez girl! I still want to come see your house and go to the water park with you guys...when is good for you this month?

Anie said...

Spencer's jealous!!! He would love to have a Weimaraner. You are one brave wife- to take on TWO dogs just a couple months before baby #3 joins the family. Just a new house would have already put me over the edge. I don't know how you do it all! Go YOU!!! How are you feeling by the way?? How many weeks are are you now? Where's the belly pics?! :)