Sunday, August 9, 2009

Surpise Birthday Party in Oregon

Thursday morning I left EARLY with the kids and drove up to Oregon. It was my Grandpa's 80th birthday and my dad wanted to surprise him with a visit. Unfortunately, Kevin was not able to go, so I made the trip solo.
My grandparents are caretakers of a church camp during the summer months. Basically, they retired and now work half the year. The camp is just outside of Ashland, Oregon. It is absolutely beautiful!
When we arrived my Grandpa was surprised to see us, but he quickly hid his excitement because he's a manly man. We had a nice dinner with him and my mom made his favorite carrot cake (from scratch... it's is sooo good!)
(blowing out his candles with Gavin)
My family and I camped at a nearby campground since my grandparent's camp was hosting a girls camp. It was 47 degrees in the morning. It was so dang cold!

Friday we drove up to my other Grandma's house (my dad's mom). She lives about 100 miles north of the California boarder. My kids loved running all over her property. We went to the pasture and picked blackberries. Blackberry season isn't quite at it's peak, but we were able to get enough berries to make a cobbler. Picking blackberries was one of Hannah and Gavin's favorite things they did in Oregon.(I didn't get a picture of the cobbler)
(the ultimate flower crown)
Saturday we spent the day with my Grandpa back at the camp. The kids went out on the canoes, we had dinner, a campfire, and s'mores. The kids and I were able to stay in the nurses cabin with a bathroom and heater.
Sunday I left the camp at 8:30 and drove ALL the way home with the kids. I have no complaints about the drive. The kids were wonderful. We had a little quarrel about the DVD player, but we made it home safely and sanely.
I told the kids at 4:00 we would stop at the gas station and they could pick whatever two treats they wanted. Hannah got a popsicle and skittles, Gavin got cheetos and skittles.


The Peterson's said...

Aww I miss you guys! Looks like there has been a ton of fun and excitement going on in your family!

The Rex Family said...

Your kids are so good! I almost attempted a 12 hour road trip alone with the 2 kids... but I backed out at the last minute! Kaile would do good but I don't know about Koa! Looks like fun!