Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Kevin!

This weekend we have been celebrating Kevin's 28th birthday. On Friday we took the kids to the $2 Theater to see "Up". It was the first time we took them to the movies. Perfect idea for a really hot day.
That night Kevin had a hockey game at 9:50 pm. Usually, I don't go to his game if it's that late, but I wanted to surprise him with a little party. I gave the kids a really late nap and we were ready to party!
I made Kevin's favorite cupcakes. Yellow cake with chocolate pudding inside and chocolate frosting. While Kevin was playing his game the kids and I broke into the locker room and decorated it. Hannah and Gavin were totally into helping me. They did a really good job cutting the ribbon on the balloons, giving me tape, and spreading the balloons everywhere.
I think we surprised him!
Saturday, Kevin's actual birthday, we went to the LA Kings Fest. I don't know who loved it more, Kevin or Gavin? Gavin loved playing hockey with all the other kids.
Check out the smoke from the La Canada fire! Pretty scary.
We met Luc Robitaille. He is one of Kevin's favorite players. He was a really nice guy and took his time chatting with us. Kevin told him that we were thinking about naming our son after him. He was a little embarrassed, but flattered.
The kids got to meet Bailey, the King's mascot.
Gavin met a lot of "hockey guys"
All in all, we just had a lot of fun doing everything hockey.

At night we met my brother, Grayson, and his fiance', Jayde, for dinner in Huntington Beach. We went to one of our favorite restaurants, Duke's.
We love their Hula Pie!
We enjoyed walking down the pier since it was only 80 degrees there compared to the 104 at home.
When we got home, the kids gave Kevin their birthday cards. They really loved making it a special day for their daddy. It was just a fun-filled family weekend!


The Rex Family said...

I used to go to LA Kings Fest too when I was a kid. I was a die hard kings fan. Looks like Kevin had a great birthday weekend! happy birthday!

Beth said...

What a fun day for Kevin & the kids That Hula Pie looks amazing!

Thanks for bringing the Ice cream cake for dinner Sunday...I know it was a lot of work. It was YUMMY!