Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Day of School

Hannah and Gavin started pre-school this week. Hannah could hardly contain her excitement. We were counting down the days for two weeks. Finally, Monday, her first day of school arrived. That morning she couldn't eat her cereal, when I asked why she replied, "I'm too excited for school to eat!"
Gavin and I were going to take a mommy and me class because he barely misses the deadline to start pre-school. You have to turn 3 by the day the class starts. Yesterday we went to our class that my pregnant brain thought started at 11, but actually it started at 10. Luckily, I started talking to one of the girls at the front desk and asked about Gavin, she waived the age requirement and enrolled him for the Tuesday/Thursday class. I was so happy!
So, this morning Gavin woke up, I told him we had to get ready for school and he said, "I need to eat cereal." He was so excited. When we got out of the car he told me, "I won't be shy!"

It feels so good to drop my kids off at school. I love picking them up and hearing about the new things they learned and what their friends said. I can't believe Gavin is actually in school, he is such a big boy now.

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Anie said...

I LOVE back to school time!!! Your kids are SO freakin CUTE!!