Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hockey Ballet

Hannah has been dying to go ice skating so our family went. Luckily with Kevin's connections at the hockey rink, we got to go for free!
I opted not to get skates. Can you imagine me 8 months pregnant trying to skate? Walking on the ice was enough excitement for me. Hannah did really well. She was able to "walk" around the whole rink on her skates. She "skated" quite a bit on her own.
Gavin just wanted to skate with Daddy and take breaks to watch the hockey game on the other rink. Hannah and Gavin's favorite thing to do was skate with Kevin. He would carry them and skate so fast and then stop and spray me with ice. They got a big kick out of that.


Josh and Ambyr in Utah said...

congratulations on being pregnant!!! number 3! yeah~ no prob for you. :)
hope to hear from you soon. I dont have your number or anything. I would LOVE a call from one of my old special best friends.

Robin said...

Court when are you due? I'd love to get together now that I'm feeling better.

ash and jay said...

hey cute mommy! i got ur message the other day......i'll look for your book. i remember finding it a long time ago and now i'm not certain what the heck i did with it? i probably still have it, though. call ya later!