Saturday, June 27, 2009

Baby Boy Jones (round 2)

Perhaps it's time to announce that I'm pregnant. Yes, number 3. I have to remember what my old boss told me, "Babies are ALWAYS good things." Yes they are.
In the beginning, I was not thrilled about being pregnant, again. In fact I was pretty depressed about it. But as my tummy has grown and I feel this little baby boy move around, I am totally excited to have a new baby in our family.
Last Monday, Kevin and I went for the "gender determination ultra sound." I had a dream, before I knew I was pregnant, that I had a boy, so that was my guess going into it and....

Clearly a boy.
Kevin has another son to teach hockey to, Gavin has a little brother to play hockey with, Hannah doesn't have to share her princess dresses, and I get to buy all new baby stuff.
(6 months ago I got rid of our crib, highchair, infant carrier, and all the baby clothes I hadn't been able to part with)

Can we find a pair of skates this small?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

DC Part I

I am a month behind on blogs... so here goes the Jones Family update!
Last year we had a great time in the Outer Banks, so we were excited to go back. Kevin and I decided to fly into Washington D.C. and visit some old friends from Burbank, the Jenkins.
We had an uneventful flight, no drama and no poopy diapers on the airplane.
The first day we rented bikes and toured all the sights. We enjoyed the Smithsonian Museums. We went to the Natural History and American History Museums. Aside from all the middle school kids running around, it was fun to see everything.
Hannah was mad we made her wear tennis shoes with a twirly skirt
At the American History Museum the kids helped make the "Star Spangled Banner." Gavin made sure his star was perfectly laid out.
The kids were excited to see "Barak Obama's House."
The Washington Monument and the World War II Memorial.
Kevin and Hannah at the Lincoln Memorial.
The next day Kevin went back to Washington DC and I stayed at the Jenkins' house to hang out with Anie and let the kids play with each other. Hannah liked to pick out Madi's clothes and she treid to find outfits that matched her own.

We fed the ducks,

went to Barnes and Nobel, and took naps.
*Madi is Gavin's new girlfriend
That night Kevin, Gavin, and Spencer went to a Baltimore Orioles game. Anie and I planned a girls night, but we were both too tired to do anything and ended up chatting all night instead. Our trip to the Outer Banks is next!