Monday, November 24, 2008

All that really matters in life......

To our friends and family. Here's all that really matters in Kevin's life.

Following one of Kevin's games we were allowed into the locker room once everyone was decent. It's by far Gavin's favorite part. Within a year he'll be playing, you watch.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Airport Field Trip

I have the best group of girls in my Microbiology class. We have so much fun playing with bacteria together. One of the girls, Melanie, works at the Long Beach Airport for a private company. She invited me to bring my family down to see the airplanes. It was awesome. Gavin and Kevin were in heaven, they both share the same fascination for airplanes.

My friend arranged for an "escort" since we can't just wander around the airport with out any supervision. He told us about all the planes, but I just call them "baby airplanes."

The helicopter was pretty cool.

Hannah and Gavin loved to fly this baby airplane that smelled like an old Datsun truck.
The jet was pretty cool. Our "tour guide's" friend flies this airplane for some super rich guy. He said it costs $700 just to clean it.
Hannah and Gavin took turns flying this airplane too. I made sure they didn't touch any buttons. Could you imagine the damage they could do? I'm sure it's much worse than your heater on full blast, wind shield wipers going crazy, and the radio turned up all the way.

I wouldn't mind flying around in this plane... must be nice!

We had an awesome field trip. I was happy that I planed something that Kevin actually liked doing! We will definitely have to go back again.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Birthday Party!

This year I decided to go BIG! I combined Hannah and Gavin's birthday parties into one big event. We rented out the Gymnastics Center at the YMCA and had a blast!Hannah and her best friend Zoe.Hannah and her boyfriend Jake.
Gavin loved the foam pit.

My whole family came... we haven't all been together since February 2006. I don't know how I did it, but I got everyone in the same place at the same time.

Even my grandparents from Oregon, Aunt Debbie, and Mark made it to the party.
Michael drove up from San Diego with my new cousin, Allison. They had never met before and this was kind of a psuedo blind date. (Kevin's Aunt Marilyn got married and this is her new stepdaughter. She is so much fun and can totally dish it out to Kevin, a quality I like in her.

Grandma and Grandpa Brown had a good time watching Hannah and Gavin.

I'm not sure who had more fun... the adults or the kids. I witnessed my 52 year old father do a back flip on the trampoline and attempt some funky dismount on the uneven bars. I don't think I've laughed so hard. I wish I had a picture.

Hannah and Gavin scored with all their presents. Hannah had her entourage there to help her.
Gavin's favorite present was from Aunt Rachel and Uncle Aaron. The kid hasn't put down his hockey stick and puck since he opened it.It was utter mayhem and I have no idea who gave what to my kids. I still need to sort it all out.

I made a frog cupcake cake. I've never made a cupcake cake before and I really stressed out about it. When I arranged the cupcakes and asked Kevin for his opinion, it wasn't good. I needed a crafty friend. I called my friend Stacy. She came over after work to save the day. She rearranged the legs and thanks to her I was able to finish the cake.After I frosted the cake the frogs legs turned out to look more like huge buff frog arms. That was my fault, I should have frosted it a little differently. But here is the final product. It was so nice because it was a cake, but pre-cut for the little kiddos.

When we got home I was so exhausted we all went straight to bed. This is what our kitchen looks like now! Now I need to attempt to figure out who gave what to Hannah and Gavin.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Institute & "Slick"

Every Thursday the kids and I go to institute. I really used to enjoy the classes, but my kids are too rowdy so I just hang out in the game room and my kids play pool, ping pong, and cards with the college students.*Gavin playing hockey (of course)

Hannah and Gavin have made more friends than me! I'm just Hannah and Gavin's mom to everyone... I wonder if they know my real name?
Anyways, a couple of weeks ago my friend Stacy watched Hannah and Gavin because Kevin had dinner with a doctor and I had school. Hannah and Gavin fell in love with her brother in law, Kyle, but for some weird reason my kids call him "Slick." Even Gavin calls him that. Hannah is in love with Kyle, he plays cards, hide-and-go-seek, and just gives her a ton of attention. I think she has a huge crush on him and it manifests itself through her punching him and just being straight up annoying sometimes. He is so sweet to her and I like him because he takes the attention away from me for awhile. Thanks "Slick" for the break! I think I'm going to have him babysit next time Kevin has a dinner and I have school!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Our Halloween candy is finally gone. Kevin and I took the approach to just binge and eat it all at once so it wouldn't keep haunting us. Now I don't have to feel guilty when I indulge my candy fix at 11:00 at night.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby Gavin

I just found this picture! I can't believe how little he was.
This blog is for Aaron!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This morning Kevin and I loaded up the kids and went to Tantalizing Thai to vote. Yes, we voted at a Thai restaurant.
Kevin and I have different views and different personalities. His antagonist personality and my pleasing personality don't mesh well when it comes to politics. He likes to throw out his opinion and I like to keep mine private.

I was happy to teach my kids to vote. The little old lady at the poll gave Hannah an "I Voted" sticker. Hannah told her, "When I grow up, I'm going to vote!" I was so proud of her.

We are so lucky to have the freedom and the opportunity to vote.