Monday, March 31, 2008

Uncle Robert

Robert is Kevin's friend from his mission. Robert flew from Utah to go golfing with Kevin for the weekend. But while Robert was here he was Hannah's prince.
They had Tea Parties together:

Hannah fixed Robert's hair:

And danced:

And the finale dip:

Robert left early Sunday morning. When Hannah woke up she was quite upset that her prince was gone.

Ying Yang: The Bearded Dragon

Our neighbor Mike has a bearded dragon named Ying Yang. The other day Mike brought out his little friend to show the kids. I was so proud of Hannah for petting the lizard. Gavin loved it too, he was such a big boy using soft fingers. I even touched it, but it kind of sent eebie geebies down my back.

Mamo J Popcorn

Mamo J loves popcorn and shares her passion with her grandkids. Gavin has now officially been converted to loving popcorn after our trip, and this last blog gets me caught up on our trip to Ohio!!!!

Easter 2008

We spent Easter in Ohio. I like to get my kids new outfits for Easter and Christmas, here is Hannah's (princess) Easter dress.

I love dressing Gavin in a white shirt and tie.

Since we were in Ohio and it was snowing, we couldn't hunt for eggs barefooted in the backyard. Instead we were downstairs in the basement. Kevin and I stuffed all the eggs and hid them along with the toys Papa Tee bought for his grandkids.
It was so much fun to watch Hannah and Gavin hunt for all the eggs with their cousins.

We put all the eggs in the middle of the table and let the kids have at it.

Check out the bling the Easter Bunny brought for Hannah. She is such a little princess.


Build-a-Bear is a store where you can make your own stuffed animal. By the time you walk out of there with the animal, the outfit, the shoes, the purse, and any other accessories under the sun, you can literally pay $80. So when Papa Tee (Kevin's Dad) came home from work and announced that he wanted to take Hannah to Build-a-Bear, I was shocked! It was so sweet, he was so excited to take Hannah there.
Hannah carefully selected the animal she wanted to make.

She stuffed her bunny and named it Moodle. There are different sound options you can put inside your animal. One of the options is to record your own message. Mamo J and Papa Tee recorded a cute message to Hannah. She loves to push it and listen to her Mamo J and Papa T. The next task is to make your new animal a birth certificate on the computer! Hannah loved to sit at the computer and type in all the letters she knew with the help of Mamo J.

Finally, put it in a little house to bring it home.

Hannah loves her Moodle, she sleeps with it every night.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Gavin's "First" Haircut

Kevin's Dad took Gavin to the Barber Shop to get his hair cut. It was quite the masculine atmosphere; the spinning barber shop pole, the old retro chairs, and the total lack of any attractive decor. Unfortunately, our camera died so we only managed to get one picture of the experience.

During: Yes, I collected some locks of hair.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Q

Kevin and I had a great time in Cleveland. Kevin's Dad got us tickets to the Cavaliers' game. It was amazing to see LeBron James break the all-time scoring record for the Cav's.

Our drive home was a bit scary in the snow storm. We had Kevin's Dad's car, a little rear wheel drive sports car. It was my first time driving in a snow storm. We saw a car lose control, but the driver managed to save it. Poor Kevin, by the time we got home his arms hurt so much from gripping the wheel. I have to say, I wasn't the best passenger. My gasps and grabs didn't help him relax driving in the snow storm. It was a miracle we made it home!

The next night we went back to the Q for the Blue Man Group. I was optimistic about the concert, I thought it would be a lot of fun. I have to say I was a bit disappointed. The view from our box wasn't too great. We literally sat on the side of the stage.

I think I would have enjoyed the concert more if I was sitting in the audience instead of watching it from a third party's perspective. But you can't beat the free food in a box!


Gavin and I flew to Ohio to get Hannah. It was so easy to fly with only one child! Gavin loves airplanes, so we spent our time before boarding watching all the airplanes. Oh yea, his animals wanted to see the airplanes too.

I had a great seat on the plane. I was right behind first class in the bulk head isle. I had so much leg room and Gavin had some room to roam. He liked to walk back and forth through first class waving, "hi" to everyone.
When we landed it was snowing!!! This was the first time I have ever seen snow fall from the sky. I was amazed at the planes being deiced. It was all so new. Here is a picture of our snowy airplane... burrrr...

Here is the view from the guest room at Kevin's parent's house. So much snow!!! Unbelievable! Ohio is so different from Southern California.

Daddy's Boy

Gavin woke up from his nap and Kevin wanted to cuddle with him. Gavin is extremely cuddly after his naps. I just love when his cheeks are so warm and just squish when you kiss them. It is a different kind of squishiness, it is the best kind of squishiness right after a nap. It has to be a nap, in the morning it's just not the same. Well, Gavin fell back asleep with his Daddy. My heart just melted.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Lonely, I'm so Lonely!

I've been so lonely this week. My big sister Hannah is gone! She is in Ohio with our Grandma. She's a big girl, that's why she got to fly all by herself with Mamo J (Grandma)to Ohio. I will see her in a few more days.
In the mean time, I've been trying to keep myself busy. I decided to get all my toys out, but my room got messy and my big sister wasn't here to clean it up for me.

I have enjoyed playing with her toys!

And she's not here to take away my toys!

Not to mention, all the attention I've been getting from my Mommy and Daddy.

But, I still miss my sister. I can't wait to see her!

Hannah's Quilt

I finished it!!! This is Hannah's quilt. I wanted to buy her a bedspread, but the ones I like cost too much money. So I decided to make my own. I picked out fabric that reminded me of Hannah and put them all together. I just love it!
Here are all my squares laid out. Kevin was annoyed I was taking pictures of my quilt, but he doesn't understand the mind of a blogger..

Here is the quilt finished.

It's called a rag quilt, here is a close up. After you sew it together you snip all the edges, the fringe will look better after I wash it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Baby Jones #3

Today was one of the happiest days ever! I finally got my Double Jogging Stroller!!! This is my third child. I wanted to welcome it to the family. Of course it came when Hannah left for Ohio. I literally dropped her off at the airport with Mamo J (Kevin's mom) and drove to REI and picked it up. Isn't it beautiful? I can't wait to use it. I've been borrowing my friend's stroller (she has an extra one) to run Hannah to school.

Casey Junior Comin' Round the Track

Gavin's new favorite ride is the Casey Junior Train at Disneyland. He was so funny, every time we went through a tunnel or turned the corner fast his eyes would get so big and he would say, "ohh!" He is so dang cute!