Monday, March 31, 2008


Build-a-Bear is a store where you can make your own stuffed animal. By the time you walk out of there with the animal, the outfit, the shoes, the purse, and any other accessories under the sun, you can literally pay $80. So when Papa Tee (Kevin's Dad) came home from work and announced that he wanted to take Hannah to Build-a-Bear, I was shocked! It was so sweet, he was so excited to take Hannah there.
Hannah carefully selected the animal she wanted to make.

She stuffed her bunny and named it Moodle. There are different sound options you can put inside your animal. One of the options is to record your own message. Mamo J and Papa Tee recorded a cute message to Hannah. She loves to push it and listen to her Mamo J and Papa T. The next task is to make your new animal a birth certificate on the computer! Hannah loved to sit at the computer and type in all the letters she knew with the help of Mamo J.

Finally, put it in a little house to bring it home.

Hannah loves her Moodle, she sleeps with it every night.

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