Monday, March 17, 2008

Hannah's Quilt

I finished it!!! This is Hannah's quilt. I wanted to buy her a bedspread, but the ones I like cost too much money. So I decided to make my own. I picked out fabric that reminded me of Hannah and put them all together. I just love it!
Here are all my squares laid out. Kevin was annoyed I was taking pictures of my quilt, but he doesn't understand the mind of a blogger..

Here is the quilt finished.

It's called a rag quilt, here is a close up. After you sew it together you snip all the edges, the fringe will look better after I wash it.


Luisa & Marc said...

Hey Courtney!
I love rag fact, I've had a sewing machine for like 4 years and the only things I've made on it is 2 rag quilts...yours looks so cute!

KiMnRoB said...

That quilt is AMAZING!
Lovin the shot of those man legs in there.
You need to teach me how to make that and the baby sling that you had Gavin in when you were down here for July 4th.
Can you send some instructions for the sling via email?
I have a baby shower I'm going to and I thought that might be a good idea?

Anie said...

LOVE the rag quilt!! You seriously did such an AWESOME job! Way to Go!! Don't worry about Kevin, give him a little bit more time and he'll start to understand the mind of a blogger!! It's funny how now Spencer will ask he if I'm going to take a picture before the moment is over! Oh, the mind of a blogger!! I LOVE all your new posts. You scared me for a minute with the baby #3 post!! :) That's fun that you guys are getting some alone time with Gavin! He is such a cutie! We definitely need he and Madi to meet!!

Marbell Payne said...

You did it! I love the quilt! It looks great and I love the fabric you chose. Do you remember Em's rag quilt that I made for her? It is still on her bed...but now getting pretty worn after almost 4 years.I am planning on making a new one this summer but letting her help me pick out the fabric. Fun Stuff. It was great seeing you at Carson's b-day. I love your blogg. YOu are so creative. I've started one...but have nothing posted yet.