Thursday, March 27, 2008


Gavin and I flew to Ohio to get Hannah. It was so easy to fly with only one child! Gavin loves airplanes, so we spent our time before boarding watching all the airplanes. Oh yea, his animals wanted to see the airplanes too.

I had a great seat on the plane. I was right behind first class in the bulk head isle. I had so much leg room and Gavin had some room to roam. He liked to walk back and forth through first class waving, "hi" to everyone.
When we landed it was snowing!!! This was the first time I have ever seen snow fall from the sky. I was amazed at the planes being deiced. It was all so new. Here is a picture of our snowy airplane... burrrr...

Here is the view from the guest room at Kevin's parent's house. So much snow!!! Unbelievable! Ohio is so different from Southern California.

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