Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Crazy Summer: June

It's been a crazy summer for the Jones family. We sold our first home. Luckily it went fast so we didn't have to keep our house "show ready" for too long. The 5 days was bad enough. To leave the house we had to get three kids and two dogs out the door and in the car. Then Kevin and I would run around spraying our creamy nutmeg air freshener, turn on the smooth jazz music, and make sure every toy, dish pillow, etc... was in its place.

On Father's Day, Kevin got breakfast in bed. The kids were able to help me a lot more this year and Hannah was pretty excited and stayed busy making decorations for the tray. Kevin got bacon, eggs, chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream, and hot chocolate with whipped cream, cocoa powder, and mini chocolate chips. What a lucky Daddy!

Hannah's Zinnias are growing so big! She planted a seed her first year of preschool and we took the little flower to Grandma's house to plant. Here it is two years later. They are so big!!! I'm talking about the flowers AND Hannah.
Hannah had her end of the year performance, her Junior Kindergarten class danced to "Under the Sea." This is her friend Cole. We became good friends with his family. Everyday after school the kids would play and Tori (Cole's mom) and I would talk for an hour or so. It was so nice and carefree to not have to do anything after school It was a good way to wok on our tans too!She was so adorable, unfortunately, I didn't get very good pictures because I was so far away.
Hannah finished Junior Kindergarten and received some awards. We are so proud of her, she is such a good student and loves school!She got one for being Student of the Month, Outstanding Citizenship, and Excellence in Math and Reading.
Gavin finished his first year of pre-school.
He loved his teachers. He learned all his letters and the sounds. You can ask him, "what letter does night start with?" He says, "night, nah, nah, nah, nnnnoodle, N!!! It starts with N!" I loved bringing his hockey lunch bag to school and playing with all his friends.
This is Gavin and Cruz, they were friends at preschool. Cruz's brother went to Hannah's school, so the two boys got to play together while they waited for the bell to ring at the Elementary school.
We decided to give Emma away. Hannah had a hard time with it, but we told her Emma went to "Doggy Disneyland". Luckily, we had such a busy summer that it kind of distracted her. Here is our last picture of Emma.Beach
I wanted to start a family tradition of going to the beach the first day of summer vacation. I loaded up all my stuff
and took 3 kids to the beach by myself. It was actually awesome! Luke took a big nap under the umbrellaand I got to lay out and play with Hannah and Gavin in the sand. I met my friend Kazia (middle/high school friend) there. Our kids had a fun time together. Hannah and Bryton had fun playing in the sand
Gavin playing in the sand
Tahi and Luke had fun eating the sand
One of the best parts of a fun beach day... the quiet ride home.
Concert in the Park:
Our friends, the Williamsons, invited us to a Concert in the Park. They have 4 little girls who are obsessed with Luke.

Palm Springs:
We met Kevin's Aunt and cousins in Palm Springs. We had fun golfing, swimming, eating, and napping.Happy Birthday Kim!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We are still alive

We've moved....

We're settling in. We've gone on vacation to Hilton Head SC. Hannah started Kindergarden. Gavin is on vaca in Ohio. Luke has tons of teeth.

We'll fill you in on the details in the future.

-Kevin & Courtney