Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Familee Disneyland Day

My Dad had a work retreat at Disneyland. He got to spend the day in team building meetings while the Familee (Family+Lee=Familee) went to Disneyland. I decided to join them with Hannah and Gavin. The whole Disneyland experience is much more pleasant with my new stroller (see "Jones Baby #3" blog).
The best part of the day was going on the Indiana Jones ride. My little sister, Julianna (8 years old) was just dying to go on that ride since their last trip when she was too short. She got the lucky driver's seat in the jeep. My sister, Kairistiona (16 years old)and I had a blast teasing her. When the ride starts you have the option of three tunnels, we were going to the middle one and Kairisti and I started screaming, "no!!! not that one!!! no!!!" Julianna really freaked out. My mom had to spoil the fun by pointing out the tracks. We were so evil!

Look what our evilness produced! Hahaha!!!

Now, you can't go to Disneyland with Mamo (Grandma Lee) and not get a souvenir. Hannah wanted this robotic dog you walked with a remote control.

We told her we were going to take her to the Princess Store in Cinderella's Castle, she thought that was a better idea. We spent about an hour in the Princess Store, she ended up getting a necklace with a locket of Cinderella.
After Hannah's souvenir was taken care of we hit the carousel. I finally got a picture of my mom. She has a reputation of being illusive to the camera.

I scored another picture of my mom on the Dumbo ride.

My family was staying at the Disneyland Hotel so we went to their room to clean up a bit before we went to my dad's dinner. I wasn't too impressed with the Disneyland Hotel. I just expected it to be more magnificent since it was THE Disneyland Hotel. The food at dinner was soooo good. I had about 15 chocolate covered strawberries.
We headed back to the park to get in a few more rides. We walked through Downtown Disney and stopped to hear a violinist play, Hannah loves violins. We all watched...

while Hannah danced...

My family ended up getting Disney Annual Passes, so hopefully we have a lot more Disney days in the future together. We didn't get home until midnight. The kids slept until 10 the next morning.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Look Like a Doggy

I had envisioned Hannah with beautiful blond ringlets, but instead it was a disaster. When Hannah saw her hair she said, "I look like a doggy," and "I don't look happy." She was NOT happy with her hair. I was able to brush it out in time for church so she did look normal for primary.

First Beach Day of 2008

Last weekend Kevin wanted to take the kids to the beach. Since it was 90 degrees I thought it was an excellent idea. We live so close now, I love it. Hannah and Gavin had a good time playing the water.

And the sand.

There were a ton of ladybugs all over. Here are a few that liked Hannah.

Friday, April 11, 2008

My Night Out

Janna and Kazia are my best friends from high school. I went to Janna's birthday party and saw so many old friends. Since Janna is single, so are most of her friends. Kazia and I were the only moms and we stuck together like we were each other's security blanket. The best part of the night was dancing with Janna's mom and her tell Kazia and I to put our left hand in our pocket and see how many guys hit on us. I love Janna's mom. I was really sad she didn't make her famous yummiest rolls ever!