Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This morning Kevin and I loaded up the kids and went to Tantalizing Thai to vote. Yes, we voted at a Thai restaurant.
Kevin and I have different views and different personalities. His antagonist personality and my pleasing personality don't mesh well when it comes to politics. He likes to throw out his opinion and I like to keep mine private.

I was happy to teach my kids to vote. The little old lady at the poll gave Hannah an "I Voted" sticker. Hannah told her, "When I grow up, I'm going to vote!" I was so proud of her.

We are so lucky to have the freedom and the opportunity to vote.


Anonymous said...

No on 8!

LikeAstaR said...

Hopefully you cancelled Kevin's vote! jk. Way to go! I took JJ along wiht me too!

Anonymous said...

America, along with Kevin, got it right this time. Often times change is hard to handle, but progression is a necessity in this country.