Sunday, November 23, 2008

Airport Field Trip

I have the best group of girls in my Microbiology class. We have so much fun playing with bacteria together. One of the girls, Melanie, works at the Long Beach Airport for a private company. She invited me to bring my family down to see the airplanes. It was awesome. Gavin and Kevin were in heaven, they both share the same fascination for airplanes.

My friend arranged for an "escort" since we can't just wander around the airport with out any supervision. He told us about all the planes, but I just call them "baby airplanes."

The helicopter was pretty cool.

Hannah and Gavin loved to fly this baby airplane that smelled like an old Datsun truck.
The jet was pretty cool. Our "tour guide's" friend flies this airplane for some super rich guy. He said it costs $700 just to clean it.
Hannah and Gavin took turns flying this airplane too. I made sure they didn't touch any buttons. Could you imagine the damage they could do? I'm sure it's much worse than your heater on full blast, wind shield wipers going crazy, and the radio turned up all the way.

I wouldn't mind flying around in this plane... must be nice!

We had an awesome field trip. I was happy that I planed something that Kevin actually liked doing! We will definitely have to go back again.


Chelsea said...

Have you taken your kids to the air museum at the chino hills airport? Its really neat. My husband is an airline pilot so we've made it to a few air museums and that one is my favorite!

Anie said...

What a FUN family field trip! That's always nice to have connections!!