Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I have been looking forward to this post for the past 2 months. It means my bathroom is finished! Well, except for the door (kind of important to have a door in a bathroom).

(Glad my Sister-in-law told me to do this, or I wouldn't have had any)
Our lovely pedestal sink
How on Earth did I ever part with this beauty?
Just a nasty shower. My camping mentality really helped me out with this one.

Hannah stated, "I don't want an ugly bathroom" as Kevin and I destroyed our bathroom. It started last Friday, July 10.
I had my day planned... Get Grandma's b-day present, make the b-day cake, make a good dinner since my brother was coming over, poor guy eats military food all week. So when I got the text from Kevin at 10am that we were "demo-ing today" I was a little confused. What are we demo-ing? No reply... I was a little concerned. He finally replied... "the bathroom." Ok, I knew this was coming, but I didn't know so soon. So that weekend we spent our time ripping our bathroom to the studs. Bathtub, floor, drywall, linen closet... everything GONE!

The beginning. If only I knew what I know now. I seriously thought we could do this in one week. Yea, I feel like an idiot saying that now, but it's true.
Taking advantage of my brother coming over for dinner. He came with us to Lowe's and helped us get all the drywall, hardybacker (drywall for the bathtub area), and the bathtub. We got 10% off with his military discount.
I didn't realize how much trash you acquire while remodeling
We found this newspaper, along with a Toys R Us ad from 1989. Nintendos were on sale for $99 and a Sega was on sale for $199!

Starting to take form! We covered the walls with stuff to prevent the moisture from damaging the house and put the window in. Kevin did it all!
Got our bathtub in!

Walls started to go up!
I really wanted a tiled shower, so I did it myself! I'm crafty, I like to sew, how could tile be any different from making a quilt? Rachel (my sister-in-law) helped me pick out the tile and got me started.
I really LOVE how it turned out.
Since I wanted a tiled floor, I did that myself too. I don't think I would ever tile a floor again while pregnant. That part really sucked, but I love how it turned out.
Kevin did the baseboards and the molding around the door. The last step was the crown molding. Kevin got so frustrated trying to figure out the angles. So, for the first time ever... we paid someone to come over and do something to our house, $50 well worth it.

Now, I have a beautiful bathroom that I absolutely love! It took 6 weeks to get it functional and another 2 weeks to finish it (except the door)


Chelsea said...

It looks great! I love being able to pick what you want, we built our first house and I loved picking the tile (and everything else!)

The Rex Family said...

LOVE IT! You are quite impressive... doing tile while pregnant! It looks so great!

Beth said...

Whaaaaaat? You did a major remodel on your bathroom!! I am so impressed! Your tile work looks great! I need to see this in person... when can i come over?

Braden and Jodee said...

Fantabulous job!!! Looks great, very soothing colors :)

KiMnRoB said...

Good job guys!!
It looks SO GOOD!
Isn't it amazing how much crown molding adds? Love it!

The Peterson's said...

Wow, that looks really great! I have to show Justin... He would be so proud!

Robin said...

So impressed! And bty, you forgot to scroll down on my blog. It explains!

heather said...

i LOVE home makeovers!!! thank you rachel for reminder courtney to take a before picture.

it looks great! my favorite part is the small green tiles in the shower!!

Anie said...

HOLY CRAP!!! I can't believe you guys did ALL that yourselves!!! I am SUPER IMPRESSED!!! I'm also glad you took before, during AND after pics! When did you guys find time to do all this- in the evenings?? And on weekends?? WOW!!! It seriously is such a cute bathroom! And your tiling job is my favorite- just like quilting!!! :) So, did I tell you we're coming out for Christmas?? I wanna see your place (AND your new baby :)!! We fly in on the 17th and will be in Camarillo until probably the 27th (then we head up north to my parents). Spencer wants to take the girls to Disneyland (it'll be my first time)! Anyway, we HAVE to get together!

So, is the bathroom the last of your home renovations? What project is next?!? You're one CRAZY pregnant lady! Maybe you should relax a little bit before your have THREE kids!!!