Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Virgos

We spent this weekend with my family. Justin is getting ready to leave on his mission and it was Kairistiona's 18th Birthday today, Jayde's (Grayson's fiance') on the 25th, and Kevin's on the 29.
I made my ice cream cake... it was a hit. It is the perfect combination of ice cream and cake.
Happy Birthday Kairisti, Jayde, and Kevin!


KiMnRoB said...

YUM I love icecream cake! You'll have to make it for us when we come out there!!
And you Lee's definitely have a look! I can totally spot out who your brother, sister, mom etc. etc. are!! Beautiful family!

Beth said...

You have had a busy summer! We have tried having you over for Sunday dinner for the last few weeks... And you have not been available. It looks like you are having fun!

I need your recipe for your Icecream cake...Vanessa is turning 20 on Sunday, and tonight she requested an Icecream cake