Friday, September 19, 2008

Apples to Apples

Who can believe it's September? Even though it is still pretty hot, I can tell that summer is dying. The days are getting shorter and the pools are getting colder.
Hannah started pre-school last week. She was so excited to go, she talked about it ALL summer long.
Last Wednesday, Kevin let me sleep in a bit. I got a phone call at 9:30, it was her pre-school asking if Hannah was going to attend this year. She was in her class at 9:45! Go MOM!!! She was so excited when I ran out of my room and asked her if she wanted to go to school. She jumped up and ran to her room to get dressed. In our haste, I didn't get a picture of her on her first day of school.

I enjoy her stories when I pick her up. About her boyfriend Jake, and her new best friend Zoe! "Zoe has gold hair like me!"
My fridge is cluttered again with her sweet art work. Those pre-school teachers are so creative!This past Wednesday I decided to have a Mommy & Gavin date. After we dropped Hannah off we went to Jamba Juice. My kids love Jamba Juice. We drove to the Long Beach Airport and watched the airplanes for 1 HOUR!!! Not because I wanted to, but because Gavin LOVES airplanes. He didn't want to leave! The police helicopter landed right in front of us... I have never seen Gavin so excited!When Hannah saw the remnants of Jamba Juice she was quite offended she wasn't invited to go on the date. Stupid me.. I should have concealed all the evidence of my fun with Gavin. It's so nice to have just one kid.


ash and jay said...

ooooh! How cute! That post warmed my heart. Haven't stopped by in a while ......wanted to say HI.

love ya

LikeAstaR said...

could Gavin look any more like Kevin?? Fund ate.. JJ LOVES Jamba too.

Nathan said...

I always had one on one dates with my kids...they were the best!

Beth said...

If you wondering who Nathan is, it's Beth! I didn't know I was signed in under his name...Ooops!

Anie said...

YOu guys are SO CUTE!!! That's SUPER nice that you get one-on-one time with Gavin now! I bet he loves it! Who wouldn't love Jamba Juice and watching the airplanes with mom!!