Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beautiful Eyebrows

I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time a few weeks ago and LOVED it. Of course I got on my phone right away to tell Allison and Rachel. We planned to go right before Marilyn's wedding, along with our pedicures we'll get on Friday! I love special occasions!
Hannah wanted to get her eyebrows done... of course! Are we all that surprised? When Elise saw Hannah get her eyebrows done, she wasn't about to miss out on the action. She has developed into a princess too over the past few weeks. Our newly shaped eyebrows! I love it!


The Rex Family said...

Threading is the BEST! I never even thought about going back to waxing after the first time I threaded. Thats too funny about Hannah wanting hers threaded.

Beth said...

My girls learned at ayoung age that it takes a little pain to look good! How cute that Hannah wanted hers done too!

The Peterson's said...

LOL! That is sooo funny that Hannah got hers done too! I have tons of free eyebrow threading at Ziba (it is by my work)I will bring you some to church on Sunday!

Anie said...

What?!? Why have I never heard of eyebrow threading before?? Whatever it is, your brows sure look good!! Sorry I've been away for awhile! My computer crashed and I'm getting a new one new week. I only have access to the computer for like an hour a night while Spencer is doing his reading (and not needing his computer)! What a pain!!

ruth said...

It didnt hurt her. Man she is determined. Ps there is a place in Brea $7. I love it!

Allison said...

ok...my eyebrows are burning just thinking about those painful 6 minutes :) see ya this afternoon!

heather said...

wow, hannah is a girly girl, but MAN is she tough!

KSalmans said...

Hi there Courtney,
We didn’t hang out much, but we did grow up in the same ward. I saw your blog on Lyndsay's blog, so I thought I'd say hello. (Its Krystal Grange... only my last name is Salmans now.)
Just thought I'd say hi! ... but if you don’t remember me, then just ignore this comment. haa haa!
Hope you are doing well!


KSalmans said...

Hi there,
Thats too funny that you said my dad had the unfortunate calling of being your brothers scout leader. haa haa! :)
So where are you living now?
My fam is doing fine. 2 of my brothers are on missions... and 1 brother is still at home. My parents are driving him crazy, since he's never been an 'only child' before.
How's your family doing?