Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bowlin' in Bakerrrrsfield

My dad decided he wanted to take the family bowling... yes bowling. I think I've bowled 10 times in my life and at least 7 of those were on Wii... does that count? *The random girl is Alexis. My family met her family in Holland and she came to visit.

We all got bowling shoes... even HannahAND GavinI tried to teach Gavin how to bowl, but he kept trying to kick the bowling ball like he was playing soccer.Dado (my dad) was able to help outHe helped Hannah too. She actually knocked down a few pins!We had a great FHE together.


robin said...

It was so good to see your fam! And is that Grayson in the back of the pic (B's love??hahah) Is that Lauren holding your little girl? Wow time flies. And PS you still have hot legs!

Brian & Lynds said...

Oh my gosh! I cannot believe how different everyone looks! I barely recognized your parents and I feel like Jacob should still be 2. So crazy.
PS- You're one of those lucky girls who gets prettier with age... honestly you look great. :)

Aaron said...


ash and jay said...

ur kids are so darn cute! And, yes, you look HOT too!

Josh and ambyr said...

hey thanks so much for calling! Hey you know me... I'm just venting. I started my cycle the next day. Go figure.
dude, courtney, you look amazing!