Monday, February 9, 2009

Familee Girl Night

I took advantage of an out-of-town husband and a daughter without school and went to my family's house. My goal was to do something fun with my mom. I've been dying to go to "Color Me Mine." For those of you who don't know what that is... "Color Me Mine" is a pottery painting studio. You pick out the piece, paint it, and the store glazes it and cooks it. You pick it up about a week later.
Hannah picked a Princess piggy bank. As much as a tried to get her to pick something cheaper, she wouldn't budge. She knew what she wanted.
After 30 coats of paint the princess was dripping. Notice the big pool of paint at the foot of the princess. Luckily, my brother's friend worked at the store and washed off all the paint when Hannah wasn't looking. I'll finish it another time... it just looked awful.
My mom had a lot of fun too. It was good to see her happy with all her girls, minus Lauren. We couldn't get a hold of her to come with us. We are going to do it again in August, hopefully she will be able to make that one.
I had to add this... Why is my little sister driving?!?!?! Scary... I can't believe she is old enough to drive. Being the oldest in my family I've got to witness a lot of firsts... This one shocked me the most.
I made a big bowl. I didn't have enough time to finish it for obvious Princess reasons. I plan to go all by myself and finish it here in Long Beach. While I'm at it, I'll finish the princess too. Good thing Hannah believes in magic.


Anonymous said...
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The Rex Family said...

I love color me mine. Hannah is SO funny! Of course she had to pick the PRINCESS piggy bank! We were at your ward on Sunday because Jake was giving a talk in Sacrament and Kaile CRIED for Gavin in nursery! It was funny but sad... and I heard they were quite the dancers on Friday night!

heather said...

we went to color me mine to make tiles for the mosaic back splash in my parents' kitchen.

you are such a fun mom- always taking your kids to do fun things like this. (i hope i have the energy to make fun memories with my kiddies when she/they get older).

Kristina said...

color me mine! i work at the one in provo... glad you had fun