Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grayson & Jayde's Wedding

When I was 6 or 7 years old I pushed my little brother down, he was 3 or 4 at the time. As I saw his little chubby hand on the ground, holding himself up, and I felt HORRIBLE. Ever since then I always had a special place in my heart for Grayson. I saw him as my baby brother and I wanted to take care of him. When he was 12 or so he was so "adorkable" a little akward as boys are at that age. I smuggled him into church dances at 13 and he slow danced with all my friends who were older and a head taller than he was. He loved dancing with them. He danced with the hottest older girls. I think it was a huge confidence boost when all his friends were jealous. Grayson has always been my baby brother.
As I sat across from him at the restaurant I got a little teary eyed. He had just gone through the temple with his bride-to-be a week before the wedding. (I couldn't go because I had a prior commitment with a cute little 3 month old, I joined them for dinner). Grayson looked so grown up. My baby brother looked like a real man. I'm sure this is a fraction of what a mother feels as she sees her children grow. I know.... so cheesy

This past weekend the wedding festivities began at the Old Spaghetti Factory the night before the wedding. Sisters!!!
*Courtney, Jayde, & Kairistiona
Luke grabbed his toy and started eating it for the first time at dinner!Grayson and Jayde were married at the Newport Beach Temple the next day.
Mr. & Mrs. Lee!! I love her dress!
Michael, Grayson, & Kevin
The new Fami-Lee
This is such a cute picture with all the little kids.
My parents hosted a luncheon at Jayde's aunt's house. My mom made over 100 individual carrot cakes and her best friend, Carrie, decorated them. So cute!Saturday night was their reception in Bakersfield. Which brings me to the biggest reason why I haven't been blogging....

I have spent every spare moment of my life making two pink, sparkly dresses. My house has been covered in glitter. Kevin was such a good sport, he only complained once about going to work covered in pink glitter. The pediatrician and the babysitters at the gym have commented on my glittered baby... poor Luke.
The little boys dressed as "Newsies" I just love those hats!
We had a great time that night. We are so excited that Jayde is in our family now! She fits in so well.


Stacy said...

Awww the kids are getting so big. Cute outfits too for the wedding!!

Robin said...

Ok Court you are seriously one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. That picture of you in the pink shirt with your little guy is amazing! And Grayson looks so cute! I still remember how we always said him and B should get together! haha. Good times.

Anie said...

NOW I understand!!!! I've been wondering where you've been and what you've been up to. This explains a lot! :) And YEAH for finally posting pics of Luke!!! I was bummed with the lack of pics in your last post! He's getting so big and looks SO much like Gavin as a baby! Loved their outfits for the wedding! And you look AMAZING I might add!!!! So now that the wedding's over I can expect you to be back to your regular blogging right?!?! :) I miss your updates!! Oh, and Spencer's "potential" job offer was in West Virginia- hence, why he WASN'T interested. We might be moving to CA for the summer though. We'll know soon. I'll keep you posted!