Friday, March 13, 2009

Family Update Part I

I didn't quit! I've been busy. I do have a lot of updating to do.
Hannah had U.S.A. Day at preschool. It was so funny. Everyone wore red, white, and blue. They made streamers and other stuff and then had a parade. Who ever heard of U.S.A. Day? Hannah does know her pledge of allegiance, it's so cute when she says it. She follows up with her patriotic song. FYI: I had to fight off the parent paparazzi to get this picture... or was I just part of the parent paparazzi... whatever, I almost knocked over a lady... oops!

The other big event in our family... We got new Disneyland Passes! The kids were so excited to go back to Disneyland. Hannah was thrilled to get her own pass. Look how happy she is!!!
(notice her new booster seat? She feels so grown up to be out of a "baby" carseat)

We went to Disneyland with the Banks' and met up with Aaron and Rachel later. A 6:2 adult:child ratio is realllllly nice.
Gavin always has a great time with Aaron...
Gavin went on the Matterhorn!
The Matterhorn is one of Hannah's favorite rides. She feels so grown up.Coming up... Family Update Part II


The Peterson's said...

So I've decided that we are going to have Disneyland passes when we have kids! With you and Jodee talking about all the fun you have there, it seems like so much fun! And definitely stress free when you know that when you buy a pass, if you don't do all the stuff you want in one day, there will be plenty of other days to do it!

Oh and BTW... I am glad your back and didn't quit!

Rachel said...

I'm so glad you didn't quite blogging! I love reading about Hanna's preschool and the food you make and the crafts you do! Thanks for not being a quitter.