Saturday, June 28, 2008

Soccer Girl

Today was Hannah's last soccer game. She has played indoor soccer at the YMCA for the past two months. Kevin and I were the coaches. We all had a lot of fun playing/coaching. We really loved all the kids.
Hannah was definitely the happiest player. She would just run around smiling the whole time. I think she kicked the ball a total of 5 times this whole season. She just loved playing the game.
We always made sure the kids got a proper warm up and stretched before the game.

Here's Hannah getting ready for the kick off.

My mom took a lot of pictures, so hopefully I'll get some better ones.

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Anie said...

HOW FUN!! Hannah is seriously so cute and SO HAPPY!! I LOVE her little smile! That's awesome that you and Kevin were able to be the coaches! I bet Gavin was dying to play too!