Friday, April 16, 2010


Hannah had her Jogathon this morning. She's been training for it, well, as much as a 5 year old could train. Here she is stretching.
Gavin joined in. He ran 10 laps! He just kept going and going. I think he felt like a big kid.
Luke watched from the stroller.
Hannah ran 17 laps! The laps were 1/8 mile. I am now out $17!

Go Hannah!! I am so proud of you.


Chelsea said...

I love that your little guy ran along too! You have such cute kids!

Kristina said...

i love her hot little work-out outfit!

Aaron said...

1. Click the bottom picture
2. Look at the top left of the photo
3. Enjoy

Anonymous said...


Beth said...

Cute pictures! When did Luke get so big???