Sunday, January 18, 2009

Family Fun Day

We had one of the busiest Saturdays we've had in a long time. I was out the door by 9am with the kids. Kevin got home really late from his hockey game the night before so we let him sleep in.
I trained my client and taught my class. Kevin met us at the gym with the kids bathing suits. We surprised Hannah and Gavin by taking them swimming because it was such a beautiful day.
After swimming we ate lunch and then Hannah and Gavin rode their bike/trike for about an hour. We went to a BBQ and I made these cute cupcakes with my friends. Stacy baked the cupcakes, I decorated them, and Leslie brought the corn on the cob holders. We sprinkled them with black and white sprinkles for the salt and pepper. I loved them, but they were missing the chunk of butter (a yellow starburst).
We met Aaron and Rachel at Glacial Gardens in Anaheim.
This is where Kevin and Aaron learned how to skate... and now Hannah and Gavin.
Their first time on ice (with skates)

I am so happy that Aaron and Rachel were there, because I can not skate at all. I had such a hard time trying to help Hannah. It was like the blind leading the blind. Thanks for helping so much with the kids

My hockey boys...
Gavin just loved every second of it.
Daddy sure liked showing off by spraying us with ice and taking the kids on fast rides around the ice rink. Kevin is such a great ice skater.

Gavin had a lot of help from Aaron too...


Hannah really started to get the hang of it. I was so proud of her!

Since my feet hurt so badly from those nasty rentals I quit skating about half way though. My poor ankles were dying. Kevin and Aaron were the last ones off the ice. I don't know if I'm much of a skater. We'll have to see about next time.


The Rex Family said...

Those cupcakes are SO cute! There is a picture of those in a cupcake book I have but I have never had an appropriate occasion to make them for! The ice skating cracked me up. Gavin is SO funny!

Anie said...

What a FUN day!!!! Can I just say that I am ready to move back to California!! Your swimming pictures were killing me!!!! I miss the WARM weather!!! January and February were always my favorite months in Burbank. We did get our first snow today though- so at least that was exciting!! Love all the hockey pictures and videos!!! Thanks for posting!! :)

ruth said...

I LOVE the corn cupcakes!!!!! I am totally gonna copy you.

The Peterson's said...

Our cupcakes worked out so well, I was very proud of them. I am glad you guys waited until I got off work! Thanks! Justin asked later where his was.. I was like... "uh, there all gone". He was bummed so we may have to make them again sometime.

I love that the two of them are learning how to ice skate! Before you know it, Gavin is going to be a true hockey player, skates and all!

Christensen's said...

Fun cupcakes!

Anie said...

Hey! I'm due July 15th. When are you guys heading out to North Carolina? We'd LOVE to have you guys come visit anytime!!!! Were you planning on driving up to DC? Are you guys going to the Outer Banks again?? SO FUN!!!!!!!

Anie said...

Yes, keep me posted!! That would be SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're up for anything!!!! And May's a great time here in DC!!!

rookie cookie said...

A few items of business:

1. Those cupcakes are genius. SOOOOOO adorable.

2. You are a cool mom. Swimming and ice skating in one day? Awesome.

3. The first video of Gavin skating is hilarious. I guess you can't expect too much from a little boy:)

Christensen's said...

I just came back to watch the video's finally. So cute! I've never been ice skating but after watching your kids, it kind of scares me to ever try! lol

Anie said...

YEAH!!!!!!! We are SO EXCITED that you guys are coming out here!!!! We'll have to chat we it gets closer about things you want to see/do while in DC! Yes, Spencer will do done with his finals!! Hopefully he'll have a job, but who knows what this summer has in store for us! Can hardly WAIT to see you!!!!!! :)

Beth said...

I LOVED the videos! Soooooo cute!

You have to love California! Swimming outside in January...Awesome!