Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow Princess

Hannah has been in Ohio for what seems like forever. Kevin and I try to call her everyday and she NEVER wants to talk to us. She is too busy living in her perfect world at Mamo J and Papa T's house. Hannah is getting totally spoiled. Which a child should be at her Grandparent's house.

Joyce told me that Hannah convinced her to buy a new Sleeping Beauty dress, Barbie and the Diamond Castle DVD, and a Sleeping Beauty Barbie.

I think Hannah has had a magical trip. She gets to play with her cousins, help Mamo J cook, take bath's in the giagantic bathtub, and go for rides in Papa T's new car. I guess they are going on a sleigh ride today. A real sleigh ride with beautiful Percheron horses and a real sleigh.

Papa T sent me these pictures of Hannah plying in the snow in their backyard The snow plow pushes all the snow on their driveway into a huge pile, a perfect size "hill" for a 4 year-old. I laughed when I saw her in tights and her sparkly pink skirt. So Hannah...

I think this is a snowman they are posing with.
Oh she is so cute and I can't wait to see her on Wednesday! I can't wait to squeeze her little body and kiss her chubby cheek!
Thank you Mamo J and Papa T for giving Hannah a magical vacation! I think she has LOVED every second of it!


heather said...

how fun for hannah! she is so cute dressed like a ballerina in the snow! we went to the snow- wendy looked more like a marshmallow in her snow suit.

Garrett and Leslie Attwood said...

How sweet!!! I LOVE her outfit in the snow!!!! That is sooo what I would have worn in the snow as a kid!!!

Nathan said...

yes! she is a little snow princess! She looks to cute in her sparkling skirt & tights in the snow!

You are so wonderful to let her spend time with her Mamo J & Papa T. It must be hard living so far away from your family.

Beth said...

The last post was from me...not Nathan. I didn't realize I was sign in under Nathan!! Sorry!