Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Father & Son Camp Out

Kevin and Gavin went on a Father & Son's Camp Out last weekend. I was so excited for Gavin to go camping and talked about it all week. Hannah and I made plans to go to Disneyland, just Hannah and Mommy!
Gavin loved camping. He ran around with sticks "shooting" birds and trying to stab gofers in the gofer holes.
He loved the campfire and made s'mores with daddy.
Gavin said he was tired and wanted to go to sleep, so Kevin set up their bed in the back of my car (no tent, chance of rain).
Gavin had a really good time camping with Kevin. I'm excited for our beach camping trip in July!

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heather said...

that is so cute! i bet kevin was happy he didn't have to set up a tent.

ps. i hope you're having fun in hawaii! i want lots of blog pictures when you get back!