Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome to the Aloha State-Day 1

Hawaii is just how we left it. The sweet smell of plumerias still fill Honolulu airport, the trade winds are still refreshing, and the sounds of the waves are still relaxing. Being in Hawaii reminds me of a phase of my life, the phase when I started my life with Kevin. Carefree and kid-free.
The hotel is amazing, this is the view from our room.
I've heard of fish ponds, but when I saw this I was shocked. The hotel has a hammerhead shark pond. The sharks are about 3 feet long, and beautiful to watch.
Kevin and I laid out and met some friends. The beach is awesome and the water is warm.
Luckily his friend Cory is here and they can be A.D.D. together while I can lay out with Cory's wife Jonelle. They are a lot of fun.
We had the "Aloha Welcome Dinner" last night. With a "Contemporary Luau" menu. Sounds too fancy right? It was just a luau dinner. I got my Hui Hui chicken and Kevin got his kalua pig.


The Peterson's said...

Yay, I am so glad you are not taking a break from blogging while on vacation! Hawaii looks beautiful, I definitely need to go there someday!

Anonymous said...
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Garrett and Leslie Attwood said...

Sounds like the first day in Hawaii were great!!! Glad you are having a good vacation...looks beautiful!

Beth said...

Wow...what view from your room! have a wonderful time!

Anie said...

WOW!! Beautiful pics! I need a vacation SO BAD!!!! You guys are SO LUCKY. Spencer and I are DYING to get back to Hawaii! I had to show him this post and he says he knows exactly where you're staying! Looks heavenly! Enjoy your trip! Only 2 weeks until we get to hang out!! YEAH! Man, are you sure you guys can handle this much vacationing!?! :)