Friday, December 21, 2007

Bottomless Pit

Gavin has been eating a TON!!! He has been eating so much food that it credits his very own blog. He ate a bowl of oatmeal with raisins, two eggs, a piece of toast, and a banana. That was only for breakfast. I kept waiting for him to sign, "all done" but he kept doing, "more." In this picture he just ate dinner two hours ago and this was his bedtime snack. He ate a whole peanut butter and jam sandwich, a banana, and some raisins. I gave him a cookie too. He is such a growing boy.

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Anie said...

GO GAVIN! What a BOY! He is such a cutie. I just can't get over how much he and Hannah look alike. we get to see you guys next week?? Let me know your plans.