Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ohh Come Little Children

Today was Hannah's Christmas Program at Pre-school. Her class dressed up as angels. The other classes dressed up as barn animals, wise men, stars, and the best were the shepherds and sheep. Each class took their turn singing cute little Christmas songs connected with their holiday attire. Hannah's class sang, "9 Little Angels" and "Once There was an Angel." Of course every class had that one rowdy kid that spoiled the song, but Kevin gets a kick out of those kids... probably because he was one of them! Haha!

Grandma and Grandpa Brown made the long drive from Burbank with Marilyn to make it. Mark was able to come as well. Hannah had a pretty good cheering section. We definitely had a lot of fun.

After the program we were invited to her class. She was excited to show Grandma and Grandpa her class and where HER cubby is.
Wondering where the title of the post came from? Hannah has been singing, "ohh come little children" for the past two weeks. We finally got to see her sing the whole song at the close of the program.

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