Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Hannah!

It finally happened! Hannah has been looking forward to her birthday since June! Everyday she would talk about her birthday. When you asked her how old she was, she would reply, "I be three my birthday!" She wasn't two, she was going to be three on her birthday. Whenever she saw something at a store she wanted she would say, "You buy dat my birthday!"
Mommy and Daddy got her some cute "Cilella" pajamas.

Hannah wanted a blue Princess cake for her birthday party. Mommy got adventurous and tried fondont. Hannah's cake was quite labor intensive, but she LOVED it. It was just what she wanted. Mommy doesn't know if she wants to work with fondont again.

Hannah and her friends had a Princess Parade at her birthday party. Grandma Lee made jeweled crowns and pink sparkly capes for everyone. They were so cute walking around the house.
Hannah got a TON of Disney Princess stuff. We are talking; sheets for her bed, towels, shoes, dresses, blankets, memory game, dolls, magnetic paper dolls, you name it, she got it! She even got a suitcase from Mamo J (Kevin's Mom) and it comes with a plane ticket to Ohio. Hannah is going to Ohio all by herself because she is a big girl. Well, she will be flying to Ohio with Mamo J and back home with Mommy and Gavin.


Anie said...

What CUTE pictures of Hannah!
SO...I tagged you. Check my blog to see what it means. Pretty much you just have to write 6 facts/ habits about yourself and then tag 6 more people. Have fun!!!

Allison said...

How cute! Wish we could've been there :) When are you guys coming out here?! We're SO excited!! You have any more pics of the party?

KiMnRoB said...

Looks like the party turned out GREAT!
And that cake looks a-MAZING?!?
You are so on the Martha Stewart train! Good for you for being so domestic!
Hope all is well in California! Tell the fam I say hi!