Friday, February 22, 2008

LA Zoo

The zoo seemed like such a nice family outing. It was a big mistake for us to go. We didn't get there until nap time, so no naps were taken. There were so many people there!!! I have never seen the zoo so crowded. Gavin was so miserable by the time we got to the tigers. I put Hannah and Gavin in the stroller and just started running. It was so crowded I wanted to leave!!! I just kept running, dodging people, trying to get to the car so that Gavin could go to sleep, anything to get him to sleep. Here are a few pictures from the beginning of our trip, when everyone was happy.


Marbell Payne said...

Happy Birthday! When I asked Grandma how you were doing she said you had a birthday! I hope you don't mind I hopped on to your blogg through looking at Anies. We should meet up at the zoo sometime. We went last monday with Mike and it was more croweded than ever before too. What is up with that? You guys look great. All you gals have inspired me to get started on my's coming.

aaron & rachel said...

It was fun.