Sunday, February 10, 2008

Soccer Sunday

We decided to go to the park today since it was so warm. We had a lot of fun playing soccer.
Hannah starts playing indoor soccer at the YMCA in April so we want her to get used to kicking the ball. Daddy even got cones to make goals.

Kevin taught Hannah and Gavin how to kick the ball.

Hannah did a good job running all over the place dribbling the ball.

Gavin hasn't quite figured it out. He likes to pick up the ball and throw it.

It's a little scary to mix the two, Hannah kicking and Gavin trying to pick up the ball.

Mom even got in on the action.

We had a wonderful time and can't wait to play soccer again! Just look at Gavin's smile. I just LOVE it!


Anonymous said...

I ddint know you were a soccer family? I guess kevin is a mexican right?

Anie said...

SO FUN!!! Oh how I miss the warm February days!! I took Madi for a walk today- I was feeling pretty happy about only needing a light jacket and a hat! But shorts and t-shirt......that's the life!! It's so cute seeing Hannah and Gavin playing together. It makes me that much more excited to have more kids! Make sure Hannah doesn't forget about me! I LOVE that see remembers where we lived. Tell Kevin and the kids hello from us. Tell Hannah that Madi wants her to come over and play!! Come on, a trip to DC isn't that far!! We miss you guys! :)