Monday, January 11, 2010

My Mom is 50!

My mom turned 50 this past Friday, or as she likes to say, "I'm 25 with 25 years experience." She just couldn't bring herself to say the "f" word... "FIFTY!"
I drove up Thursday night to my parent's house. She didn't know I was coming so when I walked in the door she was estatic! It felt good to give her the best present for her birthday, her most favorite thing in the world... a baby.
Someone "bra-ed" her house. Bras everywhere.

We went to her favorite restaurant for dinner with some of her best friends.
Luke loved watching the onion volcano.
On the way home I asked my mom if she had a good birthday. She said that it was a pretty good one, she was happy. Little did she know that when she got home...
Actually, to everyone's surprise, my Dad threw her a surprise birthday party!
She was so shocked, she had no idea. All the kids contributed to buy her a ticket to see Wicked, my Dad has to buy his own ticket, take her, and pay for their hotel. My poor Dad.
My Mom and all her girls...

-Happy 50th Birthday!


Beth said...

Oh my gosh!!!! That is the best idea!! To BRA a house, I have never heard of that! TOOOOOOO Funny!

Kevin said...


Afton said...

Sounds like an awesome b-day. The bra thing was hilarious! Baby Luke looks like Hannah-he is very cute. We miss you guys!

Coco Anthony said...

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