Sunday, January 3, 2010

Luke's Blessing

Luke was blessed today. It was a wonderful event and so many family members were able to make it. It was a great day to reflect on all the wonderful blessing in our lives. Having this little baby is wonderful.*I can't believe how many kids I have!

Four Generations! Grandma Brown, Joyce, Kevin, and Luke
Marilyn is like another Grandma to Hannah, Gavin, and now Luke.

Grandpa Brown holding Luke... they share the same middle name!
I'm so grateful for my in-laws who helped so much! They are the BEST!

Our family friends came, the kids love playing with each other. I thought this was too cute to not blog it.


Kairistiona said...

hmmmm you managed to get pictures after we left and leave us unmentioned. alrighty then.

kevinjones22 said...

Funny how your family shows up late and then leaves early before everyone else helps clean up. You really wonder why?

Jones Family said...

You guys left before we could take pictures... not my fault

Coco Anthony said...

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